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Great World War II game series continues with pulsating action, deep online play and entertaining arcade mode.

Nintendo Wii Review: Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

This great military game series adds another jewel to their crown with a great Wii experience backed by online players (with up to 32 players) and an arcade mode ideal for the new Zapper peripheral. This first-person shooter offers booming, heart pounding action in the various modes, which include an eight level campaign mode following a one day timeline from dawn to night.

Military actions include familiar capabilities like setting explosives, accessing helpful turret nests to wipe out enemy waves and using cover and various melee attacks useful for saving ammunition or closed quarters combat. These actions work fluidly within the game thanks to a smooth, customizable control system. Player must also maneuver through minefields and use mortars. Shooting weapons (14 total) include the familiar Thompson, bazooka and shotgun plus two different sniper rifles. Variety is definitely the spice of war in this battle thanks to some unique gestures when accessing heavy/special weapons.

The arcade mode is an excellent nice way to familiarize yourself with the missions before starting the single player campaign mode. Similar environments in these two modes are interchangeable, so once you die, you can restart from your last checkpoint or jump into a campaign. Difficulty levels range from green (even this difficulty level is pretty challenging) to veteran to hero. This mode makes the movements for you, so you can concentrate on shooting. The control setup uses the B (trigger) button combined with the A button for zooming in. Shoot with the zoom for an extra challenge.

Limitation of movement also comes at a price as players must adhere to orders laid out by game producers. For example, you can’t throw grenades down on the bad guys during your first sniper battle because you haven’t been given the grenade option yet. There’s tense situations either way, which hypes up the excitement level, but can lead to frustration if you’re not prepared. Besides the arcade mode, the numerous tutorials can prepare you and then some.

This title features one of the deepest assistance sets in recent military game history; some basics plus 60 – yes, 60 – individual training modules, learning the basic controls and movements first, then the zoom function. You can also lock in your current zoom view. Targets around the edge of your screen can be a challenge, though.

The single player campaign requires methodical strategy and patience. Statistical results include the standard medal system (gold, silver and bronze) and accuracy rating, which always entice improvement and repeat play. The levels might be short for more advanced players, while others might be challenged by the moderately high difficulty and life health system where you can recharge when in cover. Bodies get graphically perforated, but as soon as they hit the floor… poof! They’re gone, an understandable compromise to keep the younger players in the mix. AI units often battle in close proximity to each other, which, depending on their weapons, can make things very easy or very hard for you.

Once you reach hero status, you can still find challenges in the amazing 32 player multiplayer mode, which has three types and six maps. Again you can change your controls, appearance and maps plus get rid of troublesome players by vote. Multiplayer options include deathmatch, team deathmatch and infiltration (a.k.a. capture the flag). It’s funny how the multiplayer modes always follow the playground model, you know, games you used to play outside for real before you had your own video game system. Players can only sprint in multiplayer mode, which allows players the chance to quickly find cover to escape tough situations and regain their health.

Maybe you’ll make a friend who you can add to you special list, which does a great job setting you up with your familiar chums whenever you play. EA Messenger and the online game lobby provide even more social interaction and teammate coordination. A great setup that gives players exactly what they need AND want. As in the other modes, the controls work great and stay very responsive. Hardly any lag issues or other related problems here. After a hard day’s battle, you can check the leaderboard rankings.

High production values, a great musical score and overall sound have become staple in this series and this installment is no different. Beyond the pulsating action, the bonuses, unlockables and achievements will keep players coming back for more.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 is rated T (Teen) by the ESRB for Violence. This game can also be found on the PSP.

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