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This Wii exclusive tennis game will make fans play for the love of the game while bringing novices new passions.

Nintendo Wii Review: Grand Slam Tennis with Wii MotionPlus

Service with a smile…as long as you’re up for the challenge. This enjoyable pro tennis game simulates the sport incredibly well while offering a full court of gaming options including online, multiplayer, career and tournament play modes. Electronic Arts returns to the tennis courts with a great Wii exclusive game … and the Wii MotionPlus add-on, which attaches to the bottom of the remote.

You basically learn tennis rules as you play (best in the single player career mode), but if you know the rules already, then it greatly reduces your learning curve. There’s no Tutorial mode, but the loading screens and other visuals give you some pointers. The remote and optional nunchuk control combo works great … as long as you remember to turn the remote face in the correct direction for your racket.

One key advantage, especially for beginners – using the remote without the nunchuk automatically moves you so you can concentrate on that perfect swing. This highly recommended option takes some of the guess work out of the movements as you first get your form right. The backhands, lobs, and angles create a realistic experience that the valuable Wii MotionPlus expands even further with different slices, top-spins and other formidable weapons.

You can create a player then customize him or her in the locker room mode or choose from an outstanding real life set including a non-cursing John McEnroe, Serena and Venus Williams, Roger Federer, Chris Evert, Pete Sampras and Boris Becker. Anna Kournikova fans might be disappointed with her absence, but because Kournikova never won a major tournament, Maria Sharapova makes an appealing and logical substitute.

The online mode lets you quickly jump into games with speed and ease (with no lag) while the expansive multiplayer options really boost the replay value. The career mode represents the most challenge and learning, but it pays off when you play against the computer in the tournament mode and all four grand slams. They didn’t call it Grand Slam Tennis for nothing.

Ads are plentiful with the likes of Perrier, FedEx, Adidas, Gatorade, Nike, etc., but they do not detract from the overall experience. The music soundtrack, party games and fitness tracking options really boost the replay value to a high level. Just learn how to play the angles, read the manual for helpful tips, then utilize the practice court to perfect your moves and you’ll an amazing tennis trip, which will make tennis novices into high powered fanatics.

Grand Slam Tennis is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB.

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