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Movement and enemy knowledge helps players succeed as they enjoy a retro title full of unlockables and fun.

Nintendo Wii Review: Geometry Wars: Galaxies

This fast-paced game has overloading visuals and kinetic colors throughout. As with the Nintendo DS version, movement is the key to success as players can enjoy a retro title full of content and fun.

The screen gets so full because of the shrapnel spreading from your shots. The circular, solar flare-like combinations of enemies adds to the excitement. Enemies include grunts, repulsors, mutators, and Tetris-like flippers, but the names aren’t important, it’s each enemy’s abilities that matter. Once you understand each enemy’s special abilities and spawning areas, your progression can rise as quickly as the challenges.

Your sidekick drone helps you lay waste to these varied enemies while mutating itself into a high-powered fighter. This little buddy will save you countless times when you can’t get all the angles figured out. Remember to use the bombs when you’re really in a jam by pressing the Z or C button (beginning with three) on the nunchuk.

First you need geom funds to upgrade your abilities, which can be found in every level. The trick is snatching these precious pieces without jeopardizing your life. Players must pursue these yellow shapes (triangle, diamond, and small/big cross). You need multipliers as well – again, look for the yellow icons left by the destroyed enemies.

Your controls require some adjustment, so playing in the Retro Evolved mode first is highly recommended. This game mode has much more space, allowing you time to understand the remote movement. There’s no help in the game or manual for the control scheme, so you must find the magic touch with the sensitive remote. At first it seems the scope is limited but turning your wrist and moving down a little bit, while keeping the remote steady, really helps. Once you get that red line moving where you want it (you can also change the aiming visual in preferences), it’s almost like riding a bike – you never forget.

The classic controller is also an option (though the Wii wants to keep the focus on the remote/nunchuk). It’s not openly suggested in the manual, but the game lists the remote/nunchuk or analog controller as the necessary controllers.

The two multiplayer modes allow players to work together or against each other. The co-op mode differs some from the challenge co-op mode, which allows you to choose the setting.

This involving title (originated from a mini-game on the XBox title, Project Gotham Racing 2) features a standard medal system for each level. Unlike the Nintendo DS version, the action does NOT slow down a bit when the action gets thick, thanks to a higher powered console. Players can unlock bonus content with the Nintendo DS version. Just go to the connectivity menu to link to the correct console. Highly recommended for players of all ages.

Geometry Wars: Galaxies is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB for Content Descriptors. This game can also be found on: Nintendo DS.

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