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Fans of the popular DS game won’t be disappointed with this title, but more content would’ve strengthened this title.

Nintendo Wii Review: Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree

This popular title makes a credible, but not memorable jump from the DS handheld to the Wii console complete with, of course, new content. The game makers definitely should’ve increased the content for higher replay value, though they partially deflect this weakness by offering varied difficulty levels while adding some extras (unlockable activities). This is not enough, however. Perhaps they’ll release more titles in quick succession for experienced players who rip through the challenges.

Boosting your brain mass (measured in grams) is the basic objective in all games. The CPU automatically divides players into teams for the multiplayer modes, and playing against the CPU is always an option.

In the practice mode (a good place to start), players can choose activities from five categories — identify, memorize, analyze, compute, visualize — amassing medals. The next choice would logically be the game show styled brain quiz where players select certain areas to gain points (as many as eight players play with up to four teams).

The multiplayer mode surpasses the single player mode by offering fun party-like options including a relay-type game where the Wii Remote creates that “pass the baton” excitement to simulate the brain and the body. So make sure you’ve got a coordinated teammate as you pass the Wii Remote back and forth in the mindsprint mode, which can accommodate up to eight players (using two remotes).

This mode requires players to complete sets of questions and even beat the record. In mental marathon, (one to eight) players test their stamina and mistake free play on the clock with only one remote. This is a nice individual showcase mode to use between the other formidable multiplayer modes.

Online play options mainly involve statistics and status. Your profile name and graphic gets listed with your scores. Other option filled areas allow players to exchange records with other players and compare scores in bar graphs.

The real weight of the game lies in the test mode, where players can earn their highest possible scores in each category. These scores (including a letter grade and profile description) give you bragging rights, satisfaction and/or motivation for improvement. Players who don’t experience any of these elements might have a hard time getting really involved in the game. The game even creates profile based on your test results.

Like the touching options in the original DS version, the Wii Remote opens up more game play possibilities while boosting overall appeal of this unique Nintendo console. Players should definitely try out the phone ordering minigame, while other remote based activities include basics like popping balloons. Fans of the popular DS game won’t be disappointed with this title, but more content would’ve strengthened this title for sure.

Big Brain Academy Wii Degree is rated E (Everyone) by the ESRB.

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