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Adobe's just-released update to Adobe XD includes some changes we have been eagerly awaiting.

New Software Spotlight: Adobe XD CC (Beta) – February 2017

Adobe has just released an update to its Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta) platform, also known as Adobe XD, including some changes we have been eagerly awaiting. Here I will highlight some of the features that have been added since my last review of XD. For one thing, many features that had been only on the Mac platform are now making their way into Windows 10 version.

Adobe Experience Design
Adobe Experience Design

One of the most welcome features in this Windows release is the ability to share prototypes. You can now get feedback on a single click by creating a web link and sending it to your collaborators for comments. Your reviewers can also view your prototypes in both desktop and mobile browsers. You can upload to the Creative Cloud and get a URL and an embedded code to share. You can activate basic comments, guest commenting, and pinned annotations.

Another added feature is Pinned Comments on prototypes. Now anyone can add a pinned comment if they have signed in as a Creative Cloud user or as a guest by just typing text into the comment panel and pinning it anywhere on the artboard. A number will be assigned to your comment, reflected both in the comments panel and on the artboard. As with other comments, it can be replied to, edited, or deleted.

There are now Scrollable Artboards on the Windows 10 platform, allowing you to scroll through long artboards in either your prototype or your Preview Window.

Finally, the Windows 10 platform now lets you export your design assets as SVG files, as well as with embedded or linked images.

I really like the way development on Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta) is going. It is a beta and so there are still things missing, but that’s OK at this stage. If you design web and mobile apps, you really owe it to yourself to check out Adobe XD CC (Beta).

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