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The new bundle contains consumer-level Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 and Adobe Premiere Elements 13 all for under $100.

New Software Spotlight: Adobe Elements 13

Adobe Elements 13 is the latest Elements product bundle. Included are Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 and Adobe Premiere Elements 13. Both are scaled-down versions of their more powerful counterparts, but both bring elements of each product so that photo and/or video enthusiasts don’t have to be burdened with a lot of additional functionality that they may never need.

Adobe Elements 13
Adobe Elements 13

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

Photoshop is considered by many to be the best image editor on the planet, but unless you are a professional or advanced amateur, it may not be the best choice for the general consumer. This is for a couple of reasons. First, with a high-end product, there is usually a high-end learning curve; it can take months, even years to become accomplished at such an all-encompassing product. Second, a high-end product usually comes with a high-end price, as opposed to the $99.99 price of Photoshop Elements. You can check out what you need to run Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 from its tech specs page.

Adobe Elements 13
Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

So what is new with Adobe Photoshop Elements 13?

Photomerge Compose lets you bring together elements from different photographs into one merged composition. You are guided to extract content from one photo and then insert it into a second photo. The program will even help you to match the color and lighting so that the merge looks real.

Crop options give you four options for cropping your image. All you do is select the image and activate the Crop tool. Photoshop Elements will analyze the image and will show you four variations based on design standards. Select the one that looks right and you are ready to go.

Refine Selections lets you make better selections using the Refine Selection Brush, which allows you to nudge the selection for more accurate control when making your selection.

Effects bring five new ways to spice up your image. Pick an effect and apply it to get a look that you like. These include Comic, Graphic Novel, Pen & Ink, and more.

Adobe Elements 13
Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

Facebook Profile Blending lets you merge your profile picture with your profile header page to make a new creative blended look. You can choose one photo or several, apply a style, add text and graphics, and when you are done, just upload and publish your creation.

Elements Live is a new, more dynamic way to interact with Elements 13. It gives you channels for learning, gaining inspiration, and getting help. Watch tutorials, see what others are using Elements for, and learn about contests, updates, and photography news.

New Guided Edits are built-in tutorials that teach you step-by-step how to edit a photo to create a specific look. In this version you get three new looks: one to reimagine black-and-white photos, one to make a single color pop out of a photo, and one to create hybrids of color and black-and-white photos.

 Adobe Elements 13
Adobe Photoshop Elements 13

Enhanced items include more efficient ways to sync your mobile photos with Elements, more options to make quick edits to your photos, easier-to-create photo books, scrapbooks, and cards, and more options for sharing your photos on Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Adobe Premiere Elements 13

Adobe Premiere Elements 13 is the latest release of the consumer video editing program from Adobe. It is a scaled-down version of Adobe’s professional-level package Premiere Pro without all of the learning curve, but still providing a lot of power for creating personal videos.

Like Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements is a lot easier to work with and a lot more manageable than the corresponding Pro version, and while it has fewer features than the Pro version, the features that it does have will better serve the general consumer. To see what you need to run Adobe Premiere Elements 13 just check out its requirements page.

So what is new with Adobe Premiere Elements 13?

Adobe Elements 13
Adobe Elements 13

Video Story makes it easy to put together a movie telling your life story. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, or just a spontaneous party, you can pick the type of story that you want to tell, grab the clips, and Premiere Elements will trim the video, add transitions, and insert the music to create your production.

Fast Movies lets you choose your favorite moments from a video clip and then turns them into a movie. It’s a new, simple way to create a movie of just the items you want and eliminate footage that’s not so interesting.

New Guided Edits include the ability to increase the drama by using effects and blurs that focus your eye to specific parts of the image, and to put parts of your movie right into the title itself for Hollywood-style excitement.

Enhanced Shake Stabilizer gives you more control when trying to eliminate shaky footage from your handheld video captures. This will give your footage a much more stable look.

Mobile videos give you the power to take your movies on the go with your mobile devices and then move your videos off of your mobile devices to free up space for new captures.

Enhanced Sharing now gives you more options when sharing your videos to disk, HDTV, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

Adobe Elements 13
Adobe Premiere Elements 13

Adobe Photoshop Elements really continues as a great platform for consumer-level photo editing. By adding better selection capabilities, more intuitive compositing workflows, and more tools to let the basic user create more advanced images, this version makes for a nice upgrade to Photoshop Elements.

Adobe Premiere Elements also has a couple of nice features, including Video Story that allows you to put together video in a simple and intuitive manor, and Favorite Moments that lets you trim down a longer video into a more dynamic and effective presentation. This will be very handy for those who shoot a lot of personal video. So all things considered, I think that the Adobe Elements 13 bundle is really good upgrade.

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