Friday , May 24 2024

New Heart Album Via P2P

Heart, the semi-legendary rock and pop band led by singer Ann and guitarist Nancy Wilson, has a new album out, Jupiter’s Darling, their first album of new material in over a decade, which in addition to regular old CD, is available on a try it before you buy it basis via P2P:

    RazorPop, Inc. and Sovereign Artists, announced the release of Heart’s new CD “Jupiters Darling” over the TrustyFiles P2P File Sharing Software ) and the TopP2P web site.

    The program provides distribution across all major P2P file sharing networks, including Kazaa, Gnutella, and eDonkey.

    “Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart have always been an innovative force in music,” said Paul Angles, Director of Internet Marketing at Sovereign Artists. “Their first concern is reaching out to the fans they love. That’s why they made ‘Jupiters Darling’ and that’s why we’re distributing over P2P, where they can reach the most people.”

    RazorPop CEO Marc Freedman added “When a legendary band like Heart embraces file sharing, you know it’s become mainstream. Don’t be misled by the entertainment terror campaigns designed to instill fear and stunt innovation. The real focus should be on the artists and making music. A wide majority of musicians support P2P file sharing. There’s been an explosion in its use by independent artists. Some, like the G-Man, have achieved success directly due to file sharing.

    “Heart is only the first of many big name bands and other content providers that will discover the value and profit in reaching 100 million file sharers across the world. RazorPop and its partners help both new artists seeking free promotion and established bands adding a new sales channel.”

    ….The files are in Windows Media Player format and can be played on most major media player software and portable music player devices. The songs are packaged as Weed files, which provide 5 free Heart songs for new users.

You’ll have to click over and check it out to see what all this jaw-wobbling is about, but the bottom line is Heart is using authorized P2P to distribute their album using a try it before you buy it system. That is fairly significant.

Anyone use the Weed system? Any thoughts on it?

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