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Emmy-nominated General Hospital stud and Bunheads hottie Nathan Parsons will take over the role of vampire James on True Blood.

Nathan Parsons Snags Roles on ‘True Blood’ and ‘The Originals’

Nathan ParsonsNews broke out on Twitter the other day, that Emmy-nominated General Hospital stud and Bunheads hottie Nathan Parsons will take over the role of vampire James on True Blood. Luke Grimes originated the role; however after reviewing season seven scripts, according to an interview with TV Line’s Michael Ausiello, Grimes wasn’t happy with the direction his character was going.  That opened the door for Parsons, who signed on as a series regular for its final season.

Parsons gained a loyal following after his three year stint on ABC’s General Hospital as Luke Spencer’s illegitimate con-artist-with-a-gold-heart son Ethan Lovett.  Though the actor was initially confronted with die-hard Luke & Laura fan objections when the creators rewrote the famed couple’s history, he was able to still them as he effectively demonstrated his acting chops.  While fans had been saddened to see Parsons leave GH two years ago , they took to Twitter to show their support for him in his new True Blood role:

General Hospital WUB ‏@WubsNet He’ll make a DREAMY zexy addition to that cast!! #NathanParsons #TrueBlood #GH”

“@Cydamo @RHeartRadio I guess I am going to have watch TB now.”

Susan Martin ‏@SusMMartin@RHeartRadio @GeneralHospital Sad to think that this means he will not be back on #Gh but so happy for him personally. #GHlossTBsgain

“Katie ‏@lilkatie24 Love with #GH actors get a chance to shine #TrueBlood #NathanParsons”

Parsons definitely made his mark on the iconic daytime drama, which recently celebrated its 50th Helena2anniversary.  Fans were thrilled when Ethan made an appearance during the show’s milestone episode.  In a homage to the Spencer-Cassadine war and classic “Ice Princess” storyline, Parsons was one of the slew of veterans that returned for the special event.

Not only did Parsons make fans of 
General Hospital swoon, women young and old were fanning flames when he made his shirtless debut as bartender Godot on ABC’s short-lived Helena4Bunheads. Though only in a handful of episodes on the recently cancelled show, his scenes were memorable to say the least!

But now that Parsons is headed to Bon Temp, Louisiana to shoot True Blood, what is in store for his character? James is definitely different than most True Blood vampires, refusing to turn off his humanity. In fact, his act of defiance cost him a fang! And it looks like James will have his hands full this season. According to TV Line’s Michael Ausiello, James will be involved in a love triangle.  Those anxious to see True Blood’s newest badass will have to wait until this summer!

However in an exciting twist, Zap2It has reported that fans will get a glimpse at Parsons sooner than that.  The actor has been given a recurring contract on the supernaturally charged hit The CW’s The Originals as Jackson, a wolf pack acquaintance of knocked-up werewolf Haley.  Fans that ship original vamp Elijah and Haley may have a little competition when Jackson starts sniffing around. Not only that, but baby-daddy Original vampire-werewolf hybrid Klaus, who has been very territorial when it comes to his unborn hybrid, will probably have something to say about the werewolf’s arrival in New Orleans.  Will Jackson make a move on an Original’s girl and cause Klaus to go all hybrid on him? How will Elijah handle this development?  It’s clear he has feelings for Haley and vice versa, but the one thing that could doom the pairing is Jackson’s connection to her wolf pack.  I have a feeling blood will be spilled before the chapter in this story is over!

Parsons is looking at a very busy spring and summer shooting schedule down south as both True Blood and The Originals are filmed in Louisiana and Georgia. Though he’ll be on a tight schedule, it’ll be worth it!  Fans are ecstatic they’ll see him on their screens once again…

*Don’t miss his debut on “The Originals” Tuesday February 4 at 8:00 pm on The CW. 

True Blood is set to return this summer on HBO

Learn more about Nathan Parsons: IMDB

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