Thursday , May 28 2020


Presidential Election 2004

The 2004 presidential election is has come and gone. The nation is deeply and starkly divided on the road ahead on any number of issues. We will continue our running compilation of our election-related posts – watch it unfold here and come back often for updates. Government of Business, by …

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Primus Live

By Chris Olsen Hey, this is Chris again for second concert review. As you may know I went to Ozzfest over the summer and some people thought my opinion on some of the bands there was off. I recently went to a Primus concert at the Agora in Cleveland. There …

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El Shout Out

The talking over the music all night long part would get on my nerves, otherwise it’s coolness, amigo: In droves, the young Mexican men crowded around Fausto Salazar at the nightclub, whispering softly in his ear or handing him poetic notes, as cumbia melodies whirled in the air around them. …

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Green Day – Warning

Green Day lived the irony of being real working class punks from the wrong side of the San Francisco Bay, who became labeled by cooler-than-thou punkers as “inauthentic” after the tremendous success of their third album, Dookie. Barely out of their teens, singer-guitarist Billy Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt, and …

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Brazos!! (or something)

Check out Cindy Chaffin’s ripsnorting new site. There are concert reviews, interviews, gig listings (for Texas, or course), and Cindy’s thoughts on such things as VH1 hosting a show about bands in prison: not playing in prison, bands made up of prisoners, like murderers and rapists and child molesters. …

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Queens of the Stone Age Concert Review

Ben Ratliff reviews QOSA show in NY Times: Queens of the Stone Age make disjunctive rock ‘n’ roll: it’s as loud and nasty as a band can be, while remaining a chilly experience. The reason is Josh Homme, the group’s guitarist and principal singer and songwriter, who once performed the …

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