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Karen Atkins

Music Video Review: Karen Atkins – ‘High on Love (Can’t Get Too)’ Dishes Out Commanding Funky Pop Tones

“High on Love (Can’t Get Too)” is the new music video from Karen Atkins, a conscious lifestyle expert and popular public speaker. Featuring the talents of bassist Reggie Hamilton and drummer Curt Bisquera, the song exudes a cool funk flavor laced with piquant R&B elements.

Immersed Herself in Music

When she was two years old, Atkins pleaded with her parents for piano lessons. In elementary school, she participated in every chorus. Later in high school, Atkins cut class to jam with her band. After finishing college, she immersed herself in music.

And then she abruptly stopped.

A cusp of transition drove her on a journey of self-discovery, as well as physical, spiritual, and mental healing. Traveling extensively, she submerged herself in yoga, nutrition, Chinese medicine, BodyTalk, Qi gong, aromatherapy, and other disciplines. In the end, she found inner peace and contentment.

Back in the Groove

One day, while standing before a mountain in NorCal, she felt the mountain calling her to “get up and play your guitar.” She did and her fans are glad of it.

“High on Love (Can’t Get Too)” rides a funky pop rock melody with a jazzy groove pulsing with potent energy and infectious vibes. The subterranean bass and frosty al dente drums finance the brisk rhythm, while a glitzy guitar adds Latin-flavored harmonic accents. Atkins’ lush soulful voice infuses the tune with sticky coloration that’s ebullient and generous, as cap-a-pie waves of delicious background vocal harmonies append vibrant rich hues.

The lyrics speak to the intoxication and exhilaration of love with direct simplicity.

“Take a good look at the way we live / Baby it makes me want to give and give and give / I’d give you a backup planet if I had one, girl / I’d love to t-t-take you to a higher world / You know you can’t get / You get can’t get too high / Too high on love / We fly on by the ions in the atmosphere / Riding up up up / I l-l-love you dear / All my planets a-zippin’ by / God we’ve got so high.”

Retro, Kaleidoscopic Video

The video displays Atkins playing funk guitar, piano, and a slapping bass, as well as traversing the heavens in a red Tesla, presaging the liftoff of Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket launch carrying his red Tesla. My favorite part of the video is the antiquated television set with the singing head on the screen. The overall effect of the video is retro kaleidoscopic, giving it a regulated digital plasticity fun to watch.

“High on Love (Cant’ Get Too)” is a buff and nastily tight song. The funky melody writhes with chill, fresh dynamics, as the rhythmic pulsations flex with muscularity. With this tune, Atkins delivers music rife with enormous frisson.

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