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Music Video Review: Demir Demirkan – ‘Freedom’ Makes A Powerful Statement

One of metal’s premiere guitarists, Demir Demirkan, just released a new lyric video for “Freedom.” The song is from his EP, Awakening, which dropped in February. This was immediately followed by turbocharged performances at DROM in Manhattan and The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn.

Awakening is the first part of Demirkan’s War III project, which exposes the rigid tension between the mass of humanity and the powers that be, i.e. governments.

Originally from Turkey, but now living in New York City, Demirkan played with Turkish thrash metal giants Mezarkabul, aka Pentagram (not to be confused with the American band Pentagram), which had a powerful influence on his present style of music, combining the essence of Anatolian sound with unabashed metal. Since 2000, Demirkan has released eight albums and five EPs, not including his time with Pentagram or his Eurovision-winning song “Every Way That I Can.”

The release of the video for “Freedom” coincides with the kick-off of Demirkan’s European tour, which began in Istanbul. During the second half of the tour, Demirkan will join up with (the Turkish) Pentagram.

The video makes a compelling audio/visual statement. The music thrums with heavy guitars and Thor-like drumming, as the lyrics ride over images portraying the song’s premise of paranoia, alienation, commercialism, and war.

Tour schedule: 4 April – Demir Demirkan at Dorock XL, Istanbul; 11 April – Demir Demirkan at Hayal Kahvesi, Ankara; 14 April – Pentagram – Ankara; 18 April – Demir Demirkan at Beyrut Performance Hall, Istanbu; 25 April – Demir Demirkan at Hayal Kahvesi, Mersin; 26 April – Demir Demirkan at Hayal Kahvesi, Adana; 2 May – Demir Demirkan – Taksim Sanat/Istanbul; 5 May – Pentagram at Dasdas, Istanbul; 6 May – Pentagram at Kalefest, Canakkale; 8 May Pentagram at Ooze Venue, Izmir; 9 May Demir Demirkan at Ooze Venue, Izmir; 11 May – Pentagram at Matrix, Bochum/Germany; 12 May – Pentagram at Szene, Vienna/Austria.

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