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Music Video Premiere: Betty Moon – ‘Parachute’ Shimmers With Funky Pop Energy

Betty Moon premieres her new music video April 6. Entitled “Parachute,” it’s the fourth single from her latest album, Chrome, which dropped in 2017. “Parachute” is Moon’s tribute to the self-empowerment of women and the “badass women of rock and roll.”

Born in Toronto, Canada, Moon moved to Los Angeles in 2010. Along with nominations for four CASBY Awards, her music has been featured in Californication, Dexter, Bounty Hunters, Walking the Dead, and Last Gasp. Moon’s sound reflects elements of rock, electronic, pop and funk, along with her voluptuous and potent voice.

“Parachute” rides a funky neo-pop essence with a crisp beat, skanking guitars and a pulsating bassline. On the chorus, the harmonic colors come together in a radiant wave of music. Moon’s voice oozes dream-pop textures that expand into electro-pop shimmers as the music elevates. When the dream-pop and electro-pop sounds intersect the music takes on a sensual, stylish, glowing dynamism.

The lyrics exude à la mode swank that complements Moon’s chic tones.

“Smooth riding / On a dark purple night / Breaking out through the sky / Times flying / Gonna put it in drive / Chasing down the moonrise / Go uptown baby / Where the world goes crazy / I’m not afraid of falling / It’s the freedom I’m wanting / Packed a parachute and / Now it’s time to fly.”

The video opens with Betty and her band playing, as night images of illuminated cities flit across the backdrop. The imposition of the band over the cityscapes gives the video an illusionary effect. Later, as the band sits on the platform, a dancer in colorful leggings shakes her booty to the funky rhythmic throb of the song.

With “Parachute,” Betty Moon demonstrates her musical versatility, providing positive proof she excels across genres. The combination of funk and dream-pop flavors infuses the tune with a glistening sensibility that’s contagious and makes you want to dance.

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