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Music Review: Wulijimuren – ‘Sun of UTC+8’ Will Blow You Away

Now residing in the borough of Queens, New York City, Wulijimuren recently released a new album, called Sun of UTC+8. Wulijimuren came to the U.S. from Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. He is a music producer, guitar player, television director, music video producer, and Morin khuur performer.

During his time in China, he played with a multitude of bands, including Shiin Ordos, Alus, and Shengma, as well as Tengger Cavalry in New York. In 2013, Wulijimuren released his first album in China and an album of world music, Ordos Feel. He is the creator of two popular talk shows in Mongolia, Sambariin Sonin and Nadd Yarikh Yom Bain, and the producer of Ordos Wedding. As a producer of music videos, his work includes “Mountain Side,” “Khan,” “Independence Day,” “Cian-Bi,” and Tengger Cavalry’s “Stereotyping,” along with “Carnivorous” for the hard rock band Sexxx Dolls.

The latest album – Sun of UTC+8 – comprises 12 tracks of sensational instrumental pop rock. Without a doubt, Wulijimuren is one of the paramount guitarists in the world. His prowess on his axe includes dazzling licks, blistering riffs, and a brilliant sense of composition.

Wulijimuren’s sound appeals to Western ears because it merges elements of the flamboyant surf rock style of Don Wilson and Nokie Edwards of The Ventures with the lustrous polished flair of Steve Vai.

Every one of the dozen tracks on the album provides delicious ear candy, so much so that it’s difficult to pronounce one track as better than another. My favorites include the title track, which features fabulous double lead guitars playing in what amounts to a kind of mingling antiphony. “Train to the West” delivers tight, incandescent licks swelling with growing energy, along with a gorgeous piano.

“Photo Studio on the Love Street” is reminiscent of David Gilmour and Tommy Bolin, with a keening guitar backed by an orchestra. The music drifts, sways, and undulates like the moaning of the wind. “Vast Sky” stands out because of its amalgamation of the Morin khuur with Wulijimuren’s captivating guitar. The merger of the two flavors is simply yummy.

Sun of UTC+8 is supercharged with brilliance. Wulijumuren’s virtuosity on his axe goes beyond prodigious, entering the realm of genius. Don’t miss this one!

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