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The latest American Idol compilation album features songs from this season's Top 10.

Music Review: Various Artists – American Idol: Season 9

The American Idol season nine compilation album was recently released with songs that the Idol contestants performed while they were on the show. The Idol's studio versions of their songs are the bright star of a somewhat dim season.

Standout tracks include season nine winner Lee DeWyze's "Treat Her Like A Lady," Crystal Bowersox's "Me & Bobby McGee," and Siobhan Magnus's "Paint It Black."

DeWyze's "Treat Her Like A Lady" was one of his stronger performances on the Idol stage and one that had people take notice. So, it makes sense that it is highlighted on the album. The collection is ballad-heavy, so I am happy that this song was picked over the obvious choice and DeWyze fan favorite, "The Boxer."

I like that Bowersox's song on the album is "Me & Bobby McGee." It is definitely a fan favorite, and it's one of the only semi-uptempo numbers she performed during her time on the show.

Magnus's rendition of "Paint It Black," is easily my favorite track on the compilation album. I love how the music has a dark feel to it. Plus, her vocal is fantastic. The last big note she hits, is straight out of the Adam Lambert vocal range playbook. "Paint It Black" definitely showcases the best of Magnus's talent.

Didi Benami's track "Play With Fire," is another one of my favorites. I still have a hard time believing that she came in 10th place on the show. Benami is such an immense talent, and her vocal on the track is flawless.

A huge letdown on the album is Andrew Garcia's rendition of "Forever." When he performed the song on the show, he stripped this dance-pop-r&b song down and went with a total acoustic vibe. On the album, Garcia is singing it in the style he did on the show, however the backing music is the original track, which is an upbeat, dance vibe. It's kind of weird to listen to. I think it's unfortunate that it was recorded this way, because that was probably the best performance Garcia had on the Idol stage, outside of Hollywood Week.

I do wish that a different track was chosen for Tim Urban, other than "Under My Thumb." Urban struggled during his time on Idol, however he had a couple of weeks where he did really well with "All My Loving" and "Can't Help Falling in Love." Either of these songs would have been better selections for the compilation album.

The American Idol: Season 9 compilation album is out now.

For more information on the contestants and this summer's "American Idol Live" tour, check out American Idol's website.

A Definite Download: "Paint It Black" by Siobhan Magnus

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