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Ultan Conlon

Music Review: Ultan Conlon Releases ‘Last Days of The Night Owl’ LP

Just a few minutes ago, Irish singer-songwriter Ultan Conlon dropped his latest album, entitled Last Days Of The Night Owl. Written on the west coasts of Ireland and America, the album was recorded in Galway, and mixed in Nashville, TN by Collin Dupuis.

The first track, “As The Light Gets Low,” was written in an apartment in Santa Monica, CA, and is about trying to shed the vicious cycle of negative thoughts.

Ultan Conlon has performed with Jackson Browne, Shelby Lynne, John Grant, Eddi Reader, Patty Griffin, and Richard Hawley, as well as duets with Gln Hansard and John Martyn.

Of the dozen tracks on the album, highlights include “As The Light Gets Low,” a smooth pop-flavored tune with a potent bass line and Conlon’s mellow, delicious tones. Coruscating textures provided by guitars and piano give the tune a melancholic-lite feel. “Hall Of Mirrors” opens with fragile colors atop a rolling snare attended by a warm and easy-going piano. The flow of this song is gorgeous and expansive.

“Ojai” might be my favorite song on the album because of its combination of prog-rock-lite and folk-rock flavors. There’s an orchestral stream to the harmonics that’s wonderfully captivating. Conlon’s voice, rich and tender, infuses the song with affable timbres. “Time To Mourn” is another alluring song, rife with retro-folk-rock energy and shimmering guitars. The flow of Conlon’s voice against the movement of the harmonics imbues the tune with scrumptious contagious hues and soft textures.

“The Measure” features a retro-rock-a-billy-laced tune, buoyant and ebullient. Emerging horns give the tune proximate dynamism, as Conlon’s melodious tones remind listeners of Ricky Nelson. The penultimate track, “A Weak Heart Like Mine” radiates gentle So-Cal country savors, measured and undulating with a deliciously evocative steel guitar.

Last Days Of The Night Owl is an elegantly striking album, full of nuanced floating colors and velvety energy, along with the appealing voice of Ultan Conlon.

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