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Glad All Over will make Wallflowers fans glad that they are back strong after a seven-year break.

Music Review: The Wallflowers – Glad All Over

After a seven-year break, The Wallflowers are back and sound like they are starting fresh with Glad All Over

Jakob Dylan obviously has songwriting in his blood. His lyrics are so strong that they stand alone as poetry when you read them in the enclosed booklet. Each word is perfect and each song captures a story and a feeling.

Two songs on the CD, “Misfits and Lovers” and the single, “Reboot the Mission,” feature Mick Jones of the Clash. “Reboot the Mission” has a very strong Clash-inspired sound, These two add a fresh sound to Dylan’s lyrics.

The rest of the songs have a more familiar Wallflowers sound, but with great energy and feeling. The new drummer, Jack Irons (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam), and lead guitarist Stuart Mathis possibly help to fuel this new enthusiasm and verve for Dylan and original members Rami Jaffee and Greg Richling.

All of these songs are originals as always, and each one is strong. They brim with compassion and deep emotion. These are not throw-away songs; they are crafted, thought-out and will make you think, react and pay attention.

It’s very hard to pick standouts because all the songs are outstanding. At first listen, my favorites are “Hospital for Sinners,” “Love Is a Country,” “Have Mercy on Him Now,” and “Constellation Blues.” But another listen may mean that one of the others will be a favorite, and they may all take their turn at one time or another at the top of my list.

Dylan is one of the few sons of famous fathers who manages to yes, sound a little like his dad at times, and yet have completely his own style both of singing and of writing. On this CD, his lyrics reflect a new level of maturity at the same time that the music gains renewed youth and energy. It’s a great combination, and this CD should definitely have you saying, “Welcome back, Wallflowers! It’s about time!”

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