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Contrasting layers and styles are smoothly put together in "Jimmy Dean".

Music Review: The Morning Birds – “Jimmy Dean” Single

A mixture of rhythmic, throbbing swagger and softly breathed harmonies, The Morning Birds’ single, “Jimmy Dean”, makes for a good addition on any lounge/guest’s playlist. Band members Jennifer Thorington (vocals, bass, keyboards), Samuel Markus (vocals, guitar), and Stephen Newman (drums, backup vocals) mix together Sixties-style psychedelic folk rock with the more modern sounds of electronic pop.

The Morning BirdsThe track, featured on a retrospective release, Early Bird Specials: Select Songs from 2011-2014 (which was released in February), is comprised of a few intricate layers that are placed on top of the other almost seamlessly. There is just about enough of a misalignment to capture one’s attention without jarring listeners out of the comfortable spot they have settled into.

One of these layers is a Bob Dylan-esque set of vocals; another is a soothing set of soft harmonies that breathe into the ear. There’s also a thumping, hip-hop-inspired rhythm, and a hint of electronic pop melodies.

Quite aptly, “Jimmy Dean” has been described as a song for those looking for a good time. The single and the 13-song compilation album of early Morning Birds work it is featured on, Early Bird Specials: Select Songs from 2011-2014, can be listened to and purchased now on Bandcamp.

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