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That which doesn't adapt, fades away. Or does it?

Music Review: The Colour – Between Earth & Sky

The theories of evolution state that if a species doesn’t adapt, it will fade away, but somehow that doesn’t apply to good music, does it? Even though it’s far from static and there is someone new with something new coming along every day, the ones that last and really persevere have something classic about them. If my theory isn’t flawed, The Colour, a young band out of Los Angeles, California, will be bringing us definitive rock music for a long time to come.

Between Earth & Sky is the debut full-length release and follow-up to the EP Devil’s Got a Holda Me from the Colour. The band came together in 2003 while its members were studying at a university, and guitarist Davey Quon has a definite opinion about how their diversity comes together. In a press release for the album he said, “We’re definitely a collaborative group coming from very different backgrounds. Each of us has different views and tastes. There is not one dictating opinion while creating. Somehow when all is said and done our four very different opinions mesh into something beautiful and unique.”

The statement holds true. Between Earth & Sky is a unique voice of today’s music and the songs, individually and collectively, are a reflective sentiment of the times, but it’s delivered with a very classic rock sound. In no way or shape are there influences from fad genres. It’s simple, pure, and a very old school sound reminiscent of the ’70s. EMI has such faith in the sound they have made the group an anchor artist on their new Rethink label.

The album opens with “Can’t You Hear It Call,” and the tone is immediately set. There is no confusion as to what you are in for. The rolling guitars, the classic rhythms of the drums give way to Wyatt Hull’s unique and emotive vocals. If the sound of the song isn’t enough to take you back to the pure model of rock ‘n’ roll, the earthy and rugged sound of his voice will be. The infusion of piano into the mix is another element that gives the song that roots-rock feel.

“Black Summer” and “Devils Got a Holda Me” are also standout tracks. Though the production of the entire album is top notch, these particular songs have a quality that is above the album on the whole. But the element that gives the fresh edge to the album is Hull’s voice and emotive delivery. It is clear while being rugged, powerful while being wholesome and pure, not altered or mainstreamed.

Between Earth & Sky will be a welcome addition to your collection if despite the laws of evolution, you like music that is steadfast and pure rock, not tainted by passing fads or mutilated by digital enhancement. You can check out the video for the song “Devil’s Got a Holda Me” below and decide for yourself.

The Colour’s official website is a great source of news and information on the band and Between Earth & Sky. Also check out the band’s Myspace profile page for news, information, and streaming MP3s.

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