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It's psychedelic-infused Bollywood funk at its finest!

Music Review: The Bombay Royale – You Me Bullets Love

The title track to You Me Bullets Love is a soundtrack that lacks a vintage Bollywood action film. You can literally almost see a Bollywood movie playing out in your head when you listen to it. (ELABORATE)

I personally respect and appreciate that the Bombay Royale communicates an idea and emotions in another language better than most English-language artists. Despite the fact that many of us don’t understand or speak Hindi or Bengali, the music charms you in a way that no other band can.

“You Me Bullets Love” tells a unique story. A sadistic lover goes after an innocent woman. Original, right? Trust me. Their version is better than what American chick flicks would have you believe. Of course, there would be a love triangle when the character of The Skipper comes in to save the day. Or at least, he tries to by showing off his body and kung fu skills. In the end, it turns out that our innocent dame in distress is actually not so innocent. But, come on, do you expect me to give it away? I can’t do that to you as the reader!

Naturally, their other songs are phenomenal as well. I personally listen to “Mahindra Death Ride” on my way to class. What? It makes me feel like some sexy foreign spy/sex goddess! “Sote Sote Adhi Rhaat” is more like a love song telling some tragically beautiful love story. All of their music is bright, colorful, and different. “The Perfect Plan” is their only English-language track and is mostly driven by Parvyn Kaur Singh’s vocals and the rhythm of the drums.

The Australian-based 11-piece band is unique, to say the least. Their psychedelic-infused music reminds me of what my Indian neighbors back in Atlanta used to listen to—at times, quite loudly, too. But, Indian music in general has always had a very exotic appeal. The intimate blending of East and West by Singh’s voice pleases the ears and the strong masculine vocals of Shourov Bhattarchaya complement her voice in an interestingly conversational way. The sitar brings their music to life and gives a quality of Indian magic. The powerful sounds of the saxophone and trombones give the band a powerful, nostalgically retro sound.

Here is their music video for “You Me Bullets Love”:

However, if none of that makes you want to listen, one of their trombone players wears hot pants. No, I am not kidding. He wears these hot pants as part of a retro-inspired outfit. It’s pretty sexy, if there are any ladies out there reading this.

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