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The Band: Chapter 10.

Music Review: The Band – Jericho

The Last Waltz, released in 1978, was supposed to be a chronicle of The Bands final concert. Robbie Robertson wanted then to be only a studio group. This did not work out and by 1979 the group had dissolved. Robbie Robertson went on to other projects and would never play or associate with his former bandmates again.

Garth Hudson, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, and Richard Manuel would resurrect The Band in 1983. Interestingly, they would be a touring only group for a decade. Richard Manuel would commit suicide in 1986 but Helm, Hudson, and Danko would persevere. Jim Weider would replace Robertson on lead guitar plus Randy Ciarlante on drums and Richard Bell on keyboards would be brought aboard after Manuel’s death.  

They would finally release another studio album in 1993. Without a principle songwriter, they would record a number of cover songs for their first new release in 15 years. Jericho may not have been of the caliber of their early releases, but it was in many ways a very satisfying album.

The Band chose their material well. Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” is a superlative rendition. The Band proved that their 1993 incarnation could rock. Springsteen considered this track a definitive version of his song. Bob Dylan’s “Blind Willie McTell” was the first Dylan song they had recorded since 1971. Hudson’s harmonica contributions propel this song in a very melodic direction. The Band veered from their usual sound with two straight blues tunes. “Stuff You Gotta Watch” by Muddy Waters and “The Same Thing” by Willie Dixon, with a fine vocal by Levon Helm, are nice counterpoints to the rest of the album.  

Danko, Helm, and Weider did step forward and write several songs. “The Caves Of Jericho” is a song about a mining accident and the non caring attitude of the corporate world. Levon Helm provides a sincere lead vocal that makes this socially conscious song work. “Move To Japan” returns The Band to their rockabilly roots when they recorded as The Hawks.

Two songs that revolve around Richard Manuel form the emotional center of Jericho. “Too Soon Gone” is a moving tribute to Manuel’s memory. “Country Boy” was the last song that would feature a Richard Manuel lead vocal. He recorded this song just before his death and it is a sad farewell to one of the unique voices in rock ‘n’ roll history. 

Jericho would be a fine comeback album for The Band and give them new life. Look for a vinyl copy so you can truly appreciate the Peter Max cover.

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