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Music Review: Seneko – ‘True Dimension’ Offers Tantalizing Alt-Pop Music

Stan Olshefski calls his musical project Seneko. He dropped his second EP not too long ago, True Dimension, which is the follow-up to last year’s self-titled EP. Seneko’s sound blends elements of alt rock, alt country, Americana, and folk into polished music imbued with textures of pop.

Musicians on the EP are David Dorn on keys; Jon Conley on guitars; Dave Racine on drums; and Jackson Epley on bass. The EP contains six tracks.

In my opinion, the two best tracks are the title track and “My Little Curioso.” On the title track Seneko’s vocals assume a desperado tang, while “My Little Curioso” emanates frothy, carbonated colors, making it delightful.

The title track combines alt rock and new wave flavors, along with vamping guitars that contrast well with the elevated tones of the synths. Together, they provide the tune with a muted radiance of pastel sonic colors. “Pierced Smile” merges new wave and country influences on a horizontal rhythmic component. Delicious vocal harmonies and glossy guitars, elegant and almost dainty make the tune work.

“You to Save Me” is a country tune ramped up with alt rock gusto. A quavering organ provides fluid oozing tones, while the guitars thrum with soft, surfacing colors. There’s a crying guitar that infuses the music with an opaque texture. “My Little Curioso” rides a reggae vibe full of tropical flavors that bubble like tonic water. On this song, Seneko’s voice takes on a swinging sonority.

A SoCal essence runs through “Mind The Violets,” with tinges of new wave sparkle and country sway. Softly chiming guitars remind me of The Byrds, glossy and tinkling. The mood and feel of the tune brings up memories of Leon Russell and his collision of twangy country and rock. “Take Me Indigo” is a smooth alt rock number. On the solo, a quaking organ provides extensive blushes of sound.

True Dimension is better than good, bordering on excellent. The rhythms pulse energetically, while the amalgamation of country, new wave, and alt rock gives the music a yummy taste. Essentially, it is music gently steeped in a concoction of varied flavors. The end result is pretty darn good.

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