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Revisit those carefree days when all that was really important was girls, cars, and loud guitars.

Music Review: Rose Hill Drive – Moon Is The New Earth

Dubbed a band to watch in 2007 by Rolling Stone, Rose Hill Drive is a hard rock trio out of Colorado whose sophomore album, Moon Is The New Earth works as a great summer soundtrack for male teenagers as it will no doubt mirror their lives. Yet, it’s not restricted to that demographic as adults who need a break from the stresses of the world will appreciate the sonic oasis, revisiting those carefree days when all that was really important was girls, cars, and loud guitars.

The album grabs you immediately, rocking hard right out of the gate with the inquisitive “Sneak Out.” Its narrator asking his girl that all-important question revealing who the young lady trusts more: her protective parents who offer safety and security or the young man who offers her what she imagines the world has to offer.

The driving tempo of “Trans Am” puts you behind the wheel with the windows and possibly the top down allowing the wind through your hair, heading off into mischief, planned and unforeseeable, with your buddies. I can guarantee people will be getting speeding tickets with this blaring out the car stereo.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a complete story of summer without covering the downfalls of romance. The accusatory “I’m On To You” and the uncertainty of “Always Waiting” reveal it’s all not fun and games when you’ve given your heart away. Although there are certainly no tears to shed after hearing how the narrator wants to treat the girl on the acoustic “One Night Stand,” but at least he’s upfront with his intentions about all there being is “this and no more.”

“Do You Wanna Get High?” is the only other time the band gets acoustic, at least on the verses, before blasting off to the Moon and parts unknown on the chorus and bridge. I have to quote the narrator and state, “I think you might like it.”

If straightforward rock ‘n’ roll, is what you are looking for, then add Moon Is The New Earth to this summer’s checklist alongside beer and the boombox because Rose Hill Drive delivers a very good collection of rockers for passing time with the fellas or enjoying paradise by the dashboard lights with the ladies.

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