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Rock Masters Band bring classic sounds back with their two new singles.

Music Review: Rock Masters Band – “Diamonds”/”Hit The City” [Singles]

Rock Masters BandWhen I heard that Rock Masters Band went from their native Finland to Hawaii to record the first of these two singles, I couldn’t help but smile—and no doubt those of you who are currently living in a snow covered area of the world just might do the same. Formed in 2007, the band, under the leadership of Sami “Haxu” Hakala, holds one recording session at a time with selected musicians and producers, making sure that each track gets the attention it deserves. Both “Diamonds” and “Hit the City” reflect in their polished sounds the quality of this attention as well as a love for rock from all who contributed to their creation.

“Diamonds”, featuring Hakala on vocals and guitars, Riikka Hakala on backing vocals, Jimi Sero on bass, Sami Järvinen on drums, and Ace Mark on guitars, is a high energy song about relationship and heartbreak. Just like with “Hit the City” will make your feet stomp (but only at times on this one). The combination of mean guitars, heavy drums, driving bassline, and intense vocals are all smack dab in very familiar rock territory.

“Hit The City” has recognizable rock elements as well (The Black Keys comes to mind), although this track is different in the way it throbs with attitude. With Sami Hakala on vocals, keyboards, and guitars, Riikka Hakala on vocals and backing vocals, Tero Rikkonen on bass and guitars, Mikael Tiittanen on drums and percussion, and Teemu Holttinen adding a guitar solo to the track, “Hit the City” adds to the rock foundation that seems to define the band: a thick layer of blues.

Both tracks sound familiar and yet fresh enough to warrant more than just one listen. They probably will not become the catchy new tunes that everyone will be talking about for a short while, but both “Diamonds” and “Hit The City” (and especially the latter) have the potential of slowly warming their way up people’s playlists. More information about the band can be found on their official website, and their video clips can be viewed on their YouTube channel.

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