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Peter Lin

Music Review: Peter Lin & The Lintet – ‘With Respect’ to Straight-Ahead Jazz

Taiwanese-American trombonist Peter Lin recently released his first album, With Respect. The offering pays homage to his cultural and musical upbringing. As a tribute to his mentors, family, and friends, Lin combines his past and present experiences, playing within the jazz idiom. From his recent relationship with NEA Jazz Master, Slide Hampton, to his involvement in the Taiwanese-American community, he explores the jazz combo spectrum, creating a palatable variety of musical arrangements and compositions.

He is joined by his colleagues in the musical realm including notable artists such as Winard Harper, James Zollar, and Anthony Nelson Jr. The recording features a jazz repertoire from the Chinese and Taiwanese popular songbook, as well as one original composition by Lin and an arrangement by Slide Hampton, demonstrating his signature blues style.

From smooth ballads like “Forgotten Times” and “Evening Primrose” to the swinging rhythms of “The Moon Represents My Heart” and “Rose, Rose, I Love You,” Lin displays a delightful array of jazz-trussed melodies written by Chinese composers. Lin’s original track, “Born Here, From Here,” showcases musical influences from America, which impacted him. The track has bearings in straight-ahead jazz, cinched by smooth jazz solos and blues-laden swing. The traditional straight-ahead jazz threads varnish the composition to a creamy sheen.

From the toe-tapping beats of “My Blues” by Slide Hampton to the luxuriating swells of “Sweet as Honey,” Lin covers a winsome breadth of the jazz repertoire. Demonstrating the charm of Jack Teagarden and the jovial sensibilities of Glenn Miller, Lin’s music highlights the alluring traits of the trombone and the leisurely qualities of smooth jazz.

Finding inspiration from tenor saxophonist Sonny Rollins and Taiwanese vocalist Teresa Tang, the collaborations show a jam-session style as each musician lays down individual chord patterns and choruses. It’s a case of many voices coming together and chiseling several unified moments. Laid-back and refined, Lin finesses the tracks to an easy listening respite.

Peter Lin – trombone, Anthony Nelson Jr. – tenor sax, soprano sax, and flute, Anthony Ware – alto sax, Benjamin Kovacs – tenor sax, James Zollar – trumpet, Oscar Williams II – piano, Charlie Sigler – guitar, Ben Rubens – bass, Nic Cacioppo – drums, Winard Harper – drums

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