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Music Review: Nick Lamb – ‘Getting’ High Off You’ Packs a Wallop

“Gettin’ High Off You” is the first single off Nick Lamb’s forthcoming album, Rock N Roll’s My Road, slated to drop at the end of May. The song is about the happiness derived from being in love, young, and free-spirited.

Growing up in a small coal town in Pennsylvania, Lamb knew what poverty was. When he was 13, he received a one-speaker cassette deck player and two Def Leppard cassettes. He learned to play guitar and drums, and sing and compose. Later, at the age of 29, he attended Pennsylvania State University, majoring in film and video production. After that, he got his Master of Fine Arts at Wilkes University.

Lamb’s musical influences span the spectrum, from The Cranberries to Slayer. His sound revolves around rock and roll full of passionate melodies and evocative lyricism.

“Gettin’ High Off You” opens with potent, fuzzed out guitars and intense drums. There’s a wild punk essence emanating from the tune, loud and raucous. A muscular rhythm propels the music at breakneck speed, as the drums and throbbing bass collude with head banging energy. The raw punch of the harmonics borders on the rude side of the palpable, frenetic and crazily delicious.

Lamb’s voice projects a tight reediness full of vivacious tones bereft of any restraint. Its gut-wrenching colors radiate a singular intensity of supercharged passion that’s powerfully contagious.

The lyrics, full of vigorous enthusiasm, speak of his relentless love for a woman whose presence invades his every thought and feeling.

“I’m gettin’ high off of you/Ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do for you/My friends say I’m crazy and they say I’m screwed/‘Cause I’m gettin’ high off of you.”

“Gettin’ High Off You” exudes boisterous, rowdy energy that packs a walloping blow to the solar plexus. The unrefined garage/punk dynamics give the tune an immersive monomaniacal feel that’s pulverizing. I like this song a lot. Nick Lamb knows how to bring the heat.

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