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Motorhead thunders into the future.

Music Review: Motorhead – The World Is Ours – Vol. 1 – Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else [DVD/2-CD]

Back in 1975 Ian Fraser Kilmister, better known as simply Lemmy, had a vision. The British punk movement was in full flower and he took its energy, sped up the music, and added a heavy, overwhelming sound to the mix. What emerged was an early form of speed metal.

Nearly four decades later, some of the names in the band may have changed but Lemmy remains the constant presence. Today, the other members of the trio are guitarist Philip Campbell and drummer Mickey Dee.

Motorhead, for better or worse, remains true to their basic vision. They continue to be loud, unsubtle, direct, and will bludgeon you to death with their sound. They remain at the basic core of the definition of heavy metal music. Their themes of conflict, war, good vs. evil, power, drugs, and that perennial hard rock favorite sex, remain at the heart of their message.

Their latest release is a live DVD plus 2-CD set that chronicles their latest world tour. The World Is Ours – Vol. 1 Everything Further Than Everyplace Else follows the band through three performances. The centerpiece is the complete Teatro Caupolican, Santiago, Chile concert on DVD, recorded April 9, 2011. The 17-song set covers just about their whole history and is now the definitive live release of their career. Stops in New York and Manchester, U.K., are presented in part and unfortunately there is a repetition of material from the Chile concert. Also included are some surprisingly lengthy and incisive interviews with the band members, which given their history at times is an amazing treat for any fan.

The DVD discussion point is the fact the Chile concert was filmed in black-and-white. I like the creative approach, as the stark and grainy black-and-white video seems to fit the style and sound of Motorhead. However, there will be people who will miss the color. The actual angles were well shot and the sound is crystal clear as all three instruments are distinct.

The two CDs are repeats of the DVD so you have music for your stereo system and video equipment, but there are no extra tracks.

The World Is Ours – Vol. 1 Everything Further Than Everyplace Else is a fine example of Motorhead’s thundering Neanderthal heavy metal rock. The band and release remain not for the faint of heart.

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