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Morrison Kincannon

Music Review: Morrison Kincannon – ‘Beneath the Redwoods’

Spacetalk Records recently dropped a new collection of songs from Californian duo Morrison Kincannon, called Beneath the Redwoods. Thank goodness they did, because it’s scrumptious music.

Norman Morrison and Terry Kincannon composed and recorded during the ‘70s and ‘80s. The pair met every Saturday to write songs and jam, which eventually led to laying down some tracks in San Francisco and a publishing/management deal with Manny Greenhill, who developed Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. Unfortunately, success never dropped in on them. They both moved on to other pursuits, while their recordings sat in a dusty loft for almost 50 years.

Then one day, out of nowhere, Morrison got an email from Spacetalk Records inquiring about re-releasing “To See One Eagle Fly.” Morrison agreed and just happened to mention he had lots of recordings sitting in his loft. When Spacetalk Records listened to them, they realized they needed to do the world a favor and release them.

The tracks were remastered and remixed, resulting in 15 tracks of folk revival and folk rock music conjuring up the smooth sounds of CSN&Y, Cy Timmons, Ned Doheny, Michael Deacon, Gene Clark, and Buffalo Springfield.

Highlights on the album include “I’ll Be Okay Tomorrow,” a blues-flavored tune reminiscent of Paul Rodgers and Free. Initially, the tune grinds slowly, and then it ramps up with surging energy before dropping back down to oozing blues.

“To See One Eagle Fly” reminds me of CSN&Y covering a Steve Miller tune, dreamy with psychedelic colors. “Summer Days” is a delicious SoCal soft rock number with a potent bassline and velvety-smooth vocal harmonies. The title track features sparkling guitars, gentle harmonics, and tantalizing vocals layered with glistening gossamer timbres.

My favorite track is “On Mt. Diablo,” because of its luminous vocals and gentle folk rock savor. The harmonies in this song are breathtakingly beautiful, while the rhythm infects your soul with creamy satisfaction.

Beneath the Redwoods by Morrison Kincannon is simply glorious, like a gem buried deep in the earth. Once exposed to the light of day, it glows. It’s nostalgic, yet innovative enough to appeal to contemporary listeners.

Stream and download on Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

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