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Music Review: Lyndol Descant – ‘All Love’

The candid lyricism of Carly Simon meets the easy listening vocalese of Fiona Apple on Lyndol Descant‘s new release, All Love. A composer, singer, and pianist, Descant has a musical style that is all her own. Comprised of all original material, her compositions combine/crisscross a number of genres, including blues, soul, folk, and ethereal pop. It’s as though she is saying she has no fear of venturing outside earmarked perimeters.

Descant traipses through an array of feelings in her lyrics, from intimating vulnerabilities to holding private conversations with her audience. The songs have a therapeutic slant, as if Descant is working through a series of complicated emotions. Musically, the instrumentation is sparse, pulling the listener’s concentration towards the lyrics. For instance, the grooving swells of the keyboards along “Thank You Nature” have Descant’s vocals bobbing up and down in a catchy rhythm. She muses, “I say thank you to the birds/I say thank you to the trees/I say thank you to the sun for shining on me … I say thank you to the fish/I say thank to the whales/I say thank to the dolphins swimming with me/I say thank you ocean for being my friend.”

“Metaphysical Girl” has a dance beat reminiscent of Blondie’s earlier works. The fabric of the composition synthesizes dance grooves with components of R&B/soul and folk, making it a multi-faceted track. Switching to a solemn mood in “Reeds,” Descant’s vocals move across the melody with a tender gait. Changing the musical course once again, Descant displays a sing-along/showtunes rhythm in the title track. The song alternates between sing-along traction and a glistening, ethereal pop sheen. The eclectic mix proves to be a perfect fit for Descant’s talents as a singer, songwriter, and pianist.

Descant was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and studied classical piano and choral voice through her teens. She did not uncover her passion for the arts until her early 20s. Inspired by her travels to France, her creativity manifested into a variety of art forms. In addition to making music, she studied photography, painting and writing. As a lifelong mystic, her teachings enabled her to open herself up to a world of creative expression. Largely piano-based with candid lyrics, All Love is a self-produced recording that explores philosophical, personal and metaphysical quagmires, thoroughly investigating the universal subject of love.

Lyndol Descant – piano, vocals, and midi instruments, Colin Hua – slide guitar and midi instruments

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