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Lord Nelson

Music Review: Lord Nelson – ‘Through the Night’ Exudes Gospel, Country Rock

Lord Nelson recently dropped a new album called Through the Night. Produced by Dave Stipe at Monkeyclaus Studio, the album reflects Americana, indie rock, gospel, and soul.

Made up of Kai Crowe-Getty (guitar, vocals), Henry Jones (keyboards, trombone, vocals), Calloway Jones (guitar), Andrew Hollifield (bass), and Johnny Stubblefield (drums), Lord Nelson also just embarked on a tour taking them up and down the East Coast and then westward.

Spanning 10 tracks, the album opens with “Second Chances,” a tune blending hints of indie rock with So-Cal country rock. On the chorus, guitars mesh with a quavering organ, giving the music an expansive sound. Crow-Getty’s voice carries tones reminiscent of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, and Rick Danko.

Tunes that stand out include “Black Hills,” a wistful, sparkling indie rock number, with shimmering, twangy guitars and a rambling rhythm. As the song winds down, Jones’ guitar provides a dreamy yet searing injection of sonic colors. A personal favorite of mine is “Call Me,” simply because of the tune’s creamy feel and resonant guitar licks. There’s a Dylan-esque quality to Crowe-Getty’s vocals here that’s alluring, a blending of the melancholic and speculative.

“Safety Meeting” emanates hefty R&B and country rock flavors. The swelling organ provides the song’s harmonic pillar, and the infusion of brass gives the music palpable energy. “Southern Discomfort” rides a galloping rhythm, bright vocal harmonies, and Crowe-Getty’s compact, nasal tones.

I love the dark, sensuous, bluesy feel of “When the Lights Come Down,” a combination of indie rock and Southern Gospel. The last track on the album is “Running on Back,” a drawling indie rock tune with copious doses of country rock. The interplay between the two voices is deliciously textured with twangy nasality.

Through The Night is a tasty conglomeration of southern fried indie rock. The music flows and oozes with charm, the rhythms are contagious, and the vocals are easy to listen to. With this album, Lord Nelson should keep most listeners well-satisfied.

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