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Alt-blues duo Little Hurricane pushes the boundaries of its sound with third full-length album 'Same Sun Same Moon.'

Music Review: Little Hurricane – ‘Same Sun Same Moon’

Little Hurricane - Same Sun Same Moon (2017)Alt-blues duo Little Hurricane loved the title of “Same Sun Same Moon” so much that they named their third full-length album after it. The title also returns as a lyric in lead single “OTL.” In an interview with Tomatrax, drummer Celeste “CC” Spina stated the album’s eponymous song was meant to “remind people that we are all sharing one planet.”

The sentiment recurs throughout the album as well—albeit with a different purpose. The now-married CC and guitarist Anthony “Tone” Catalano use Same Sun Same Moon to share their evolved relationship with the rest of the world, which is best explored with the third track, “OTL” (short for “One True Love”). The song’s pop feel initially seems very dissimilar from many of the band’s previous works. But as the song progresses, the duo’s familiar stylings slowly become more apparent: the back-and-forth vocals between CC and Tone, the simmering melody, the grounded blues sensibility.

Whether the stylings subconsciously crept back in or were actually always there is a lingering question as the album pushes on. The fifth track “Take It Slow” answers affirmatively to the latter. And in case you missed that one, the band doubles down with a playful tone on the eighth track “Mt. Senorita,” which also has a little bit of cowbell in it (and no, the cowbell alone doesn’t make it playful).

The highlight is “For Life” due to its down-to-earth grit. Deftly restrained, the song is soulful and rich, and incorporating the trumpet is a nice, subtle touch. In fact, the trumpet makes another appearance on the reggae-tinged “You Remind Me.”

CC and Tone are unapologetic when it comes to not trying to take their music too seriously and not wanting to definitively define their music. The two are successful in those regards with Same Sun Same Moon, as they push their musical boundaries. Fans shouldn’t worry too much though, as the band’s musical foundation unmistakably remains centered.

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