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Music Review: Josh Pfeiffer – ‘Brand New Shoes’

Josh Pfeiffer recently released a new music video entitled “Brand New Shoes.” And it’s hecka-good! “Brand New Shoes,” the follow-up to “Life,” was written and co-produced by David Schram and mixed by Grammy Award winner Joe Chiccarelli. “Brand New Shoes” features Josh Pfeiffer on vocals; David Schram sits in the pocket; Gigi Gonaway plays piano; and Kevin Jachetta plucks the bass.

Hailing from Sacramento, California, Pfeiffer dropped his debut album, American Crooner Act: 1, in 2010. A jazz album, American Crooner includes covers of big band standards, along with original compositions. Pfeiffer is currently in the recording studio working on a pair of new songs, “One More Time” and “Dancing Girl,” in conjunction with a cover of Frank Sinatra’s “Luck Be a Lady.”

Singer, Performer and Philanthropist

As well as being a talented singer and performer, Pfeiffer donates his time and energy to philanthropic endeavors, raising funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society, Habitat for Humanity, and the American Red Cross. He donated six months of profits from “Life” to the victims of the Northern California wildfires.

“Brand New Shoes” opens with the click-clack of shoes, followed by the sharp snap of the snare and a deep bassline flowing into a jazzy pop-flavored melody. The rhythm is catchy and potent, throbbing with energy beneath the cutting jazz colors emanating from the piano and the scathing dirty tones of a spectacular guitar that’s gorgeously tight and raucous.

Sultry, Silky-Smooth Baritone

Pfeiffer’s velvety baritone exudes a sultry, sensuous aroma both exotic and assertive. His voice is tumescent with a spectrum of passions, ranging from slightly mysterious to charmingly mischievous to powerfully voluptuous. It’s a yummy voice, full of superlative, silky-smooth tones anchored in delicious moods of artful sequence.

The lyrics convey the susceptibility, the fervor, and the urgency of falling in love with the perfect person.

“She sits down beside me with a cup of colored coffee / Whispers in her cellphone something then she breaks down laughing / She’s always like the weather, how’s it gonna be / We are drinking coffee on a Sunday afternoon / Reading fashion magazines, and listening to the blues / Echo through the cafe window, and down the avenue / Oh to be with you, on a perfect Sunday afternoon / And have you feel it too / It fits just like brand new shoes.”

The Sublime Power of Love

The video, directed by Alejandro Guimoye, depicts the way love transforms life. Prior to love, the old life is remote, drab and colorless, when compared to the sublime multiplicity of the new.

“Brand New Shoes” is yazum. The melody is provocative and attractive, while the rhythm impacts the viscera with its rolling undulating force. And Pfeiffer’s cashmere baritone radiates a proximate sense of imminence. Josh Pfeiffer really has it going on!

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