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Catchin' Some Peazzz is a sweet, mellow collection of original lullabies and traditional tunes that will please the entire family.

Music Review: Hot Peas ‘n Butter – Catchin’ Some Peazzz

Hot Peas ‘n Butter as a food may be a matter of taste, but as a musical group, it is irresistible!

Mixing jazz, rock, Caribbean, Latin, and African rhythms, singers Danny Lapidus and Francisco J. Cotto and musicians Oz Noy, Rick Mercurio, Alize Roig-Hernandez, and Jorge “George” Vazquez make music for children that will captivate adults as well.

Catchin’ Some Peazzz, the group’s new collection of lullabies, will definitely create a mellow and peaceful mood in your household whenever you play it. When I listened to it with my baby granddaughter Ava, this eight-month-old bundle of energy settled right down. While she did not go to sleep, she played quietly and contentedly for the entire length of the CD.

From the soft, soothing versions of traditional songs, including the sweetest versions of “Itsy BItsy Spider” and “Railroad Bill” ever, to the original songs inspired by Lapidus’ and Cotto’s experiences with their own children, the whole family will be enchanted.

The style here reminds me strongly of James Taylor and Paul Simon in ballad mode. The lyrics reflect real authentic love and true life experiences any parent and child will recognize.

For this recording, the musical accompaniment is acoustic and dominated by guitar and piano to accentuate the dreaminess. The production is kept simple, letting the sweet, soft sounds calm and soothe.

If I had trouble sleeping, this is what I would want to hear. In fact, I have given this one to Ava and I want to buy one for my other young granddaughter Adeleine. Then I’m going to buy one for myself.

Get Catchin’ Some Peazz. It will become a family favorite. Play it not only at nap time and bedtime, but on long family trips, any time when stress levels might rise, or even when you just want to relax with a cup of tea and listen to some beautiful music yourself.

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