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Music Review: Harsh Armadillo – ‘Bite’ EP Metes Out Smooth Funk

Harsh Armadillo just dropped Bite, the funk band’s new EP. Hailing from New Hampshire, the eight-piece band formed in 2013 and released two albums, Thayer It Is (2014) and Blame Bad Habits (2017).

According to drummer Daniel Tauriello, Bite is “the aural version of one of those wood handled Q-tips you can’t help but stuff way too far into your ear. It’s complicated yet digestible. It fits poorly into our catalog of work, pays no heedance to our future, and little respect to the past.”

The band is made up of Tauriello (drums), Thomas Forbes (bass, vocals), Aiden Earley (guitar), Dimitry Harris (keyboards), Maxim Harris (sax, vocals), Camden Riley (guitar, vocals), Nick Murray (trumpet), and Andrea Belaidi (lead vocals).

Bite contains four tracks, and all four carry maximum funk flavors. “Gravy” sets the tone of the EP, starting off like a smooth jazz tune that quickly transitions to funkified jazz. Tasty horns imbue the music with silky colors rather than harsh braying. The vocals, creamy and supple, complement the sleek harmonics.

“Two Wishes and a Truth” rides a honeyed, refined essence. Propelled by the bassline, light guitars and a tinkling piano form mellifluous harmonics. Sleek tones from the horns provide downy accents of cool savors. A nastily tight sax solo injects the tune with looming texture.

“Live Action” is a funky rock-flavored tune with brilliant guitar work. The rock essence subsides into a softer jazz mood, adding psychedelic hues.

“Animal” coruscates with mellow keyboards and debonair vocals riding a sophisticated, urbane flow.

If you’re into smooth, delicious jazz-flavored funk, then Bite is your thing. The music emanates complex colors and buttery textures underscored by a potent funk temperament.

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