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Full Moon Cigarette paints a picture in my mind, one that not only describes the music but could serve as a backdrop.

Music Review: Gran Bel Fisher – Full Moon Cigarette

The title of Gran Bel Fisher's album, Full Moon Cigarette paints a picture in my mind, one that not only describes the music but could serve as a backdrop. A dark room, hazy from smoke and only lit by the moonlight. His voice is foggy and emotive, and the music is rich, lush, and sensual.

Simply by his voice, the music, and the topics covered you would never guess this Ohio native was only twenty-four. The songs he sings are rooted in Gran Bel Fisher's life and revolve around the most intimate of emotions. Full Moon Cigarette opens with the song by the same name and a single note being repeatedly hit on the piano. It then gives way to something fuller, but the tone is set. It a perfect blend of piano ballad, moody classic rock, and catchy soft pop.

The first single, "Bound By Love" is featured on Grey's Anatomy and appears on the show's soundtrack. A beautiful declaration, the song shows both Fisher's talent as a poet and his ability as a musician. Though deeper and mature, it does have enough of a pop feel to blend in with the other artists (The Fray, Ursula 1000, and Jim Noir) who appear on the soundtrack.

"Edible" is the second single from the CD and it too is one of the piano rich ballads predominating this collection. What's stand-out about the track is Fisher's unique and varied range. From the depths to the heights, he hits each note with crystal clear accuracy, and the combination of the hazy quality of his voice and the higher octave notes is something to hear.

In contrast, "Moment" stays at the lower end of the scales and has a classic rock-a-billy feel. Fisher pulls it off in the same masterful way he does the soft flowing ballads. In neither does he seem to be out of his comfort zone. The same holds true when we move on to "Crash and Burn" and tempos and style change to more of a bluesy pop.

If there is a down fall to the album, and it is only a minor complaint, Fisher's voice is so distinct and identifiable that at times the songs seem to blend and fade to one another. It's easy to become accustom to the sound and let it die away in the background if you are listening while busing yourself. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but something I noticed.

At his young age, Gran Bel Fisher has found a comfortable place in his music. He delivers his biographical yarns of life lessons learned. The song will paint as vibrant a pictures as that of the album's title and the way he delivers them is ear-pleasing, whether it's a toe-tapping rocker or a soulful piano ballad. Streaming MP3s of "Bound By Love" and "Edible" can be heard at the artist's Myspace profile page.

Track Listing

  • Full Moon Cigarette
  • Far Cry
  • Edible
  • Moment
  • Crash And Burn
  • Dazey Day
  • Do We Say Bye
  • Blow Your Mind
  • Bound By Love
  • Baby Boy
  • Change

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