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This album will indeed cause your heart and spirit to rise.

Music Review: Gentri – ‘Rise’

Several weeks ago, classical pop trio Gentri released their new album, Rise, which consists of eight original numbers and two covers. The trio uses rich orchestral backgrounds and strong harmonies to create songs that are inspiring and soaring, yet surprisingly contemporary. The album is so powerful that it debuted at #3 on both the Classical and Classical Crossover charts, behind John Williams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Andrea Bocelli. But enthusiasts of many genres will enjoy this album, including and beyond the classical audience.

Courtesy of shadow Mountain
Courtesy of Shadow Mountain

Gentri consists of three tenors, all of whom are trained professionals: Casey Elliott, Brad Robins, and Bradley Quinn. The name was derived, according to their press release, from “Gentlemen Trio.” Their powerful voices, as illustrated by their first single from the album, “Soldier,” add power as well as a modern twist to their positive, hopeful messages. “Soldier” speaks about the need to find the brave warrior within us, no matter what the battle is that we face – on the battlefield, facing illness, or just in everyday life. It is powerful both as a song and a video.

For some people, the idea of music by three tenors with orchestral backing may sound either like easy listening or boring muzac, but trust me, Gentri’s music is neither. It is strong, brave, and inspiring. They can handle not only their own music, but an introspective take on Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes,” and a new, tender version of “The Rose” that somehow transcends romantic love for a more global message of hope and peace. They can be motivational, passionate, romantic, and emotional. They can, in fact, be anything but boring.

If you are not yet convinced that Gentri is worth a listen, go to YouTube and watch not only the video for “Soldier,” but their previous video, “Dare,” which, in my opinion, everyone in the world should see. “Dare” is not on this album, but it will not only introduce you to the sound of the three gentlemen of Gentri, but it will, along with “Soldier,” show you where their heart is. And when you then go and buy Rise, you will, indeed, feel your heart and spirit rise when you listen. You will not be disappointed. If the true mission of music is to bind us together as humans, then Gentri is a true missionary for that purpose.

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