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Foreigner returns with yet another greatest hits collection.

Music Review: Foreigner – No End In Sight: The Very Best Of Foreigner

The name Foreigner has become synonymous with the musical landscape. They have been producing slick rock creations for over three decades. Songs such as “Feels Like The Very First Time,” “Double Vision,” “Hot Blooded,” “Urgent,” “Waiting For A Girl Like You,” “Juke Box Hero” and “Cold As Ice” are instantly recognizable and have entered the American musical consciousness. The only question is does the world need another Foreigner greatest hits album?

No End In Sight: The Very Best Of Foreigner breaks no new ground but covers the old very well. This two disc, 32 song package contains virtually all the Foreigner hits and most of their other well known tracks from their extensive catalogue. If you do not own one of their previous hits packages this CD is a must. For Foreigner fans who do, there is a decision to be made.  

The sound is superb. The songs have been digitally re-mastered. The Rhino label, which issued this CD, constantly produces superior packages and this is no exception. Mick Jones is taking Foreigner out on the road again, unfortunately without Lou Gramm, and the obvious intent of this release is to create or re-create interest. Also kudos to Foreigner and producer Cheryl Pawelski for putting the songs in chronological order and allowing the listener to follow the history of the band one step at a time.

Disc One contains the meat of the Foreigner catalogue. In addition to the songs mentioned in the first paragraph of this review, songs such as “Long, Long Way From Home,” “Dirty White Boy,” “Break It Up” and “Blue Morning, Blue Day” are included. I admire the inclusion of “Starrider” as I have always considered it to be an under appreciated song. My only complaints would be the inclusions of “Headknocker” and “Women” All multi-disc sets have one disc that is played more than the other(s) and this will be the one. It is a good disc to put in the old car player as you drive down the road. 

Disc two delves a little deeper into the Foreigner catalogue for its compliment of sixteen songs. “I Want To Know What Love Is” and “Say You Will” are classic songs and well known. Some of the other tracks are taken from some of Foreigner’s later album releases and move a little away from their successful sound. I like the inclusion of the live versions of “Starrider” and the medley of “Juke Box Hero/Whole Lotta Love.” Both are well done and unique. The only new studio song on the album is “Too Late” and it is average at best. No doubt it was included to present new lead singer Kelly Hansen to the world.

No End In Sight: The Very Best Of Foreigner is a superb collection and it is nice to revisit these old songs once again. It would make a fine and listenable addition to any music collection. Again, since most of the material has been available previously this set may only be for new or die hard Foreigner fans.

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