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Soul legend Eddie Floyd is alive and well with his first new release in six years.

Music Review: Eddie Floyd – Eddie Loves You So

Singer/songwriter Eddie Floyd has returned with his first album release, Eddie Loves You So, in six years. Floyd is best remembered for his hit “Knock On Wood,” but spent many years as a songwriter for the legendary Stax label in addition to being a member of the early R&B group The Falcons in the late 1950s.

Eddie Floyd is now in his early 70s and has returned with a cover album of hits he wrote for other artists, a re-recording of several of his early songs, plus two brand new creations. Eddie's voice is in fine form as his smooth style is prominently featured on this mostly mellow collection.

Artists who have recorded Eddie Floyd’s songs read like a who’s who of music. Such diverse artists as Sam & Dave, David Bowie, Carla Thomas, Count Basie, Wilson Pickett, Janis Joplin, Otis Redding, and Bruce Springsteen have all taken advantage of Eddie Floyd’s songwriting ability. His own releases have been intermittent during the course of his fifty year career which is unfortunate as he is an excellent southern soul artist with a smooth vocal style. His personal style is probably more pop-oriented and sedate than many of the Stax artists for whom he wrote material.

Eddie brings a deep vocal to the William Bell hit, “Til My Back Ain’t Got No Bone.” This performance sets the tone for what will follow on the album as bass and drums lay down a rhythm for Floyd to sing the melody with subtle horns, guitar and keyboards providing support. “I Don’t Want To Be With You” was originally performed by Dorothy Moore. She and Floyd have similar vocal styles but he is so smooth on this wonderful ballad. “You Don’t Know What You Mean To Me” was a Sam & Dave original. This song is performed in an up-tempo style by Floyd. “I Will Always Love You” is given a far different interpretation than the Carla Thomas original. The use of brass enhances this relaxing version of a classic soul tune.

Eddie Floyd reaches way back into his past for several songs. “Since You Been Gone” was originally a demo by his '50s group, The Falcons, but was never issued. This song is one of the best two tracks on the album and has almost a ska-type rhythm. It is a song of loss and is soul music at its best. Floyd re-records the Falcons' big hit from 1959, “You’re So Fine.” He modernizes this old classic and swings more than the original as the tempo builds in stages to a conclusion. “Consider Me” was an album track that had basically disappeared into the mists of time. Here, Floyd resurrects this soulful ballad but it still retains a feel of the the sixties.

“Head To Toe” is a new Eddie Floyd song and proves he can make relevant music for the 21st century. His vocal has attitude plus the guitars over a solid rhythm just push the song along. Hopefully this will be the cut that the label uses to push the album. “Close To You” is the other new composition but it has a pop feel to it which regulates this love song to the average pile.

Eddie Loves You So is a fine comeback album for an underappreciated artist. Eddie Floyd proves once and for all that he is a singer and songwriter of the highest caliber.

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