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"It Could Happen To You," is a love song in the classic style, reminiscent of those old movies and old style romance.

Music Review: Diana Krall – From This Moment On

For some reason when I listen to jazz, I'm transported to the types of scenarios you see in the old black and white movies. Out of the way smoky bars, a handsome and mysterious stranger, and a damsel in distress waiting to be saved are all images that come to mind when I hear the horns and strings, and Diana Krall's From This Moment On is no exception.

About this album, Krall says on her website, "This album coincides with a happier time in my life. I think it’s very obvious in the music. It reflects how I’m feeling now, the joy that I have in my marriage and family, and hopefully in the future.”

It was recorded while she and husband Elvis Costello were awaiting the arrival of their twin boys, born December 6, and one wonders if the upbeat and warm collection of tunes is a direct result of the impending bundles. The entire collection of songs is like a big warm fuzzy. The music is light, bubbly, and fun and when listening to Krall's voice, I could imagine a huge smile on her face and hear an inviting lilt to her voice welcoming me into her little world contained on this CD.

"It Could Happen To You," is a love song in the classic style, reminiscent of those old movies I mentioned and old style romance. Unlike the explicit and hard-edged approach of other genres, its romance in the chivalrous way, tender and subtle. And that describes the music on the whole album pretty well. It is to your ears what a glass of wine or the touch of a rose's petals are to your taste buds or flesh, soft and smooth.

85a425da-712c-426a-a694-37089ef2b55dOpening with a wispy brush snare and joined with a light piano accompaniment, "It was a Beautiful Day in August/You Can Depend on Me," is breathtaking. When Krall's sultry voice breaks in, teasing and flirting with the listener, the end result is extraordinary. It is another example of the theme that runs this entire CD.

The one downside of the album is the track, "Willow Weep for Me." In and of itself, the song is nice, and Krall's delivery is just as strong as on the other tracks, but her voice is so mournful and the song so sad, it sticks out and doesn’t meld with the rest of the tracks. Appearing midway through, it is jarring and pulls you from the mood of the rest of the album. It's a minor complaint and more a personal observation. On its own or in another setting, I would probably find the song just as enjoyable as the rest of them.

Jazz enthusiasts and fans of mellow and soft music will enjoy this album as much as I do. More information on Diana Krall can be found on her official website, including news, photo galleries, links to tour dates, and fan club information.

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