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The well-crafted tracks on ‘On the Home Slope’ were built on a good creation story.

Music Review: Debris of Titan – ‘On the Home Slope’

Founded in 2009 by two friends, Debris of Titan is an alternative indie psychedelic rock band from Newburgh (New York). Winston Dunlop and Michael Diaz apparently met in elementary school and soon after started making music together. It makes for a good creation story and, in the case of their album On the Home Slope, to be released next month, for some well-crafted music for lovers of the genre.

The short introductory track, “What’s in My Cocoon”, starts simply enough with a strummed guitar and a simple melody played on the piano. Dual vocals fill out the background and, at the halfway mark, are joined by a cacophony of drums and more guitars.

Debut single “Anime” also starts quite simply enough with the sounds of a bell joined by a band of strings which are soon distorted almost beyond recognition. The various layers of this track seem at times disjointed and at others completely in sync, in pure psychedelic form.

Somehow, an element of jazz pops into the driving “Where Did It All Go” which sounds almost like a freestyle jamming session between seasoned artists more than a carefully planned out track. The guitar solo near the two-thirds mark cuts through the layers with crispness, emphasizing its unique contribution to the overall sound.

Rather than sexual, “Sleep with Me” seems to be a waterfall sound-led meditation of sorts that encourages listeners into a restful, relaxed state. Being the shortest track, “Rara” has a little over a minute to make an impression. It seems to be a guitar-led wake-up call between its slumbering predecessor and more upbeat successor. Because of the sequence chosen by the artists, the frenzy in the closing “In Nova’s Bedroom” reminds me of a hectic morning that can occur after one has overslept.

Songs are available for streaming on SoundCloud, and more information is available on their Facebook page.

Pictures provided by Working Brilliantly.

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