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David Anderson
Lake Placid Blue

Music Review: David Anderson – ‘Lake Placid Blue’

Ten years after releasing Layover in Reno to vast acclaim, singer-songwriter David Anderson is back with Lake Placid Blue, a collection of nine tracks produced by John Andrew Eddy, who contributes electric guitar to the album.

Anderson’s songs revolve hauntingly around his interest in history, literature, and film. In his new album, he drills deep into fascinating stories, including a song about Charline Arthur, a singer who toured and performed with Elvis, and another song about the race riot in Tulsa in 1921. The last track on the album, “The Belle of New Haven (Sarah Winchester Speaks from Beyond),” relates the story of the Winchester rifle heiress, who pumped her wealth into constant construction on her San Jose mansion.

One of the best tracks on the album is the title track, on which Anderson ruminates on the 1957 Vintage Reissue Fender Stratocaster he owned in the mid-‘90s.

According to a quote provided by his publicist, “I bought her in 1995 from Lone Wolf Guitars in Oklahoma City for $550,” Anderson says. “Her finish was crazed, probably from exposure to temperature extremes, which added to her vintage appeal. She came without a case, so I removed her strings and her neck in my hotel room and put her into my suitcase for the flight home to California.” He sold her in 1997.

The album opens with the country-flavored “Charline Arthur,” a tune full of hints of boogie-woogie and Anderson’s easy-to-listen-to voice. After the first track, the highlights include “Tulsa Riot,” a melancholic blues-flavored tune reminiscent of Neil Young that is compact, yet trembling with oozing colors.

One of my favorite songs is “I Won’t Break Your Heart,” a tender country tune with gentle harmonics and a smooth flow of color. A delicious guitar solo adds nostalgic ambience to the beautiful music. Anderson’s voice is gentle and oh, so evocative on this song.

Another wonderful song is “The Edge of Yes,” a So-Cal country tune that recalls Poco crossed with Jackson Browne, creamy with shimmering guitars and Anderson’s silky tones.

Lake Placid Blue is a gorgeously laid-back album with soft energy and grand lyricism. If you’re looking for velvety country rock music with soul, look no further than David Anderson.

Listen to Lake Placid Blue: Bandcamp

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