Tuesday , May 21 2024
Australian electronica band Clubfeet releases their debut "Gold On Gold" for every dance club to enjoy.

Music Review: Clubfeet – Gold On Gold

For Sebastian Cohen (vocals, guitar), Yves Roberts (bass), and Monty Cooper (synths), it seemed as if the land down under would be the perfect location for inspiration for their electronica band Clubfeet. Saying good-bye to their hometowns of Capetown, South Africa, Sebastian and Yves moved to Australia where the two met Monty. It seemed like a perfect musical storm.

Hot dry nights feel like the perfect atmosphere to produce the kind of music that would get people to move their feet and perfect their moves all over the dance floor. But to be honest, the Melbourne trio draws more comparisons on its debut Gold On Gold to Hot Chip than Hercules And Love Affair. The opener (“Edge Of Extremes”) alone seals this deal as the repeating chorus, “do I stand here on the edge of extremes,” reflects a more subdued audience readying another joint rather than another tequila shot.

If that doesn’t get you down, then hopefully the Heathers-inspired “Teenage Suicide (Don’t Do It)” doesn’t either. Masked by a cheering chorus, the supposedly positive song references the 1989 black comedy with Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, to which I will say had never remotely crossed my mind to being a potential muse for composition. Well, maybe that’s why Clubfeet is making music for a living, and here I am writing with much effort to hide any grouchy envy.

Oh, c’est la vie. However, thankfully, Clubfeet redeems itself with more club-friendly tunes during the album’s latter half. I might find some happiness after all as the romantic grind inducing “Put It Together,” the fun-frenzied “BrightLightsBigCity,” and the chillaxing “Broken Hearted” find their way to altering the dance floor landscape. Are the ladies going to be enticed to shaking their hips and puckering their lips? Could I get lucky? Should I be putting all of my hopes on the quality of a rookie band?

Dare I say, yes.

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