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Chuck Mosley’s latest solo is enjoyable, but easy to forget.

Music Review: Chuck Mosley and VUA: Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food

Times are tough for everyone. Even former Faith No More frontman Chuck Mosley. He’s been so impecunious recently that he’s announced he Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food, which also happens to be the title of his latest solo effort. Don’t let the title fool you: the album goes above and beyond the rather limited boundaries that that Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food implies. And frankly, that’s a good thing — especially considering the fact that the musical stylings of the aforementioned “rap” generally has me rolling my eyes and shouting “Learn how to play a chord, will ya!”

No, instead, Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food takes a wide variety of genres and successfully mixes them together for one impressive (but easily forgettable) album. Joining Chuck for this outing are such guest artists as Jonathan Davis (lead singer of Korn), John 5 (formerly of Marilyn Manson and currently of Rob Zombie), Michael Cartellone (current drummer for what’s left of Lynyrd Skynyrd), Leah Lou (whom I have never heard of before), and Roddy Bottum, another Faith No More alumnus.

Personally, I enjoyed the sounds of Will Rap Over Hard Rock For Food. It had a lot to offer musically, from the expected rap/rock track “The Enabler” to a rather upbeat pop duet with Lou (“Nameless”), and finally to the haunting acoustic balladry of “Sophie.” Alas, as I briefly mentioned before (in parentheses), the album is easy to forget. Most of the tracks simply just don’t have a whole lot of “oomph” to ‘em. Fans of Mosley (and his guest artists) will probably enjoy the album more than the average listener (especially anyone who picks it up hoping for rap) — but even they may have to play it repeatedly in order to get any of the tunes stuck in their head.

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