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Christian Heath

Music Review: Christian Heath – ‘One’ EP Blends Pop, Soul, Latin

South African singer-songwriter Christian Heath recently dropped his debut solo EP, entitled One. Heath is one of South Africa’s most popular pop artists, with a unique blend of pop, soul, and Latin music.

The EP’s title track, a global anthem for union and harmony, is “about unity and empowerment, about uniting the world in a time when there is so much hatred and fighting, even among people from the same country,” says Christian.

“I’m Yours,” the first track, bubbles and boils with heady pop-rock flavors, rumbling percussion, and dazzling layers of vocal harmonies. Heath’s smoldering tenor impresses with velvety timbres and brilliant resounding tones.

The title track, “One (A World Song),” features powerful drums, vivid horns, and a choir-like chorus full of momentous vivacity and soaring harmonics. Heath’s voice exudes palpable dynamics, ranging from towering, coruscating tones to a compact, rap-like delivery.

“No Good For You” rides a tantalizing pop tune with a contagious rhythmic pulse. Twinkling synths ride atop a deep bassline, infusing the music with glossy, spiraling flavors. Heath’s lush voice carries an easy intimacy, giving the song a prismatic, infectious essence.

“Paradise” offers a slower tempo, along with a simmering sensuality that lingers at a fervent heat. A reverberating bassline holds down the bottom, as Heath’s tender yet potent tenor secures the warmer colors.

“Magic” rides a sexy funk beat, with booping synths and voluptuous vocals, luscious with subdued suggestiveness and seductive aromas. A creamy, dreamy vocal solo oozes indulgence prior to mounting once again to the cool funk surface.

One is a formidable EP, demonstrating Christian Heath’s vocal ability. His voice is a vibrant instrument of expression, capable of passionate heat and assertive vitality. He is definitely a talent to keep an eye on, as he has all the tools necessary to rocket up the charts in the U.S.

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