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Childish Gambino: Watch Out Kanye!

Music Review: Childish Gambino – Royalty [Mixtape]

Childish Gambino is a mixture of West Coast hip hop and dance music. One thing I like about his music is that he speaks normal English. There isn’t a heavy use of Ebonics or other hip hop slang that I have to look up on Google. By doing this, his music is more accessible because most of us can not only dance to it, but we can relate to it as well. He is proving himself as a force to be reckoned with.

“Toxic” is probably my favorite track on his mixtape/album, Royalty. While it uses some of the lyrics from the Britney Spears song “Toxic,” this song actually sounds better than her 2004 version. Spears’ sexually-toned, breathy vocals can still be heard in the background. He even references her in the line “Hot like Britney, in ’03 ya know me.” (Click here if you want to hear the Britney Spears version and compare.) Gambino’s more hipster than gangster rapper. Saying that he’s an unconventional rapper is an understatement. However, unconventional may just be better.

“Real Estate” is another awesome track on this album. The rumors are true: This is the track where Tina Fey raps. While we all know that Fey is an incredibly talented woman, Gambino’s newest album really showed us a side of her that I doubt few have ever seen before—she raps like a trained hip hop street professional for the last minute of the track.

“Silk Pillow” is another track where another non-rap influence steps in to create another unusual track. Beck’s voice adds this almost eerie quality to a very sex-driven track.

Now, do you wanna know the beautiful thing about this mixtape? You can download this album for free. Yes, FREE! It has been available since last July 4. Anyway, just click the logo and it’s all yours, via this link. You won’t regret it!

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