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Candy Dulfer's Crazy is a sexy, high-energy party record sure to satisfy fans of jazz and dance music.

Music Review: Candy Dulfer – Crazy

I recently had a chance to see Dutch saxophone player Candy Dulfer with Dave Koz on his Christmas Tour appearance in Atlanta. I was very impressed, so I was happy to get the chance to hear her new CD Crazy.

For the most part, this is not a “sit and listen” record. It’s primarily a dance album, meant for getting people up and moving. While Dulfer, who is Dutch, plays lots of very hot sax and does some very credible vocal work, it should really be credited to Dulfer and Printz Board.  Board provides vocals on 10 out of 15 tracks, produced or co-produced all but 2 of them, wrote or co-wrote 10 tracks, and was responsible for all or most of the instruments except for sax on nine of the 15. So it is safe to say that he is primarily responsible for the cool urban sound of this recording.

Multi-intrumentalist and producer Board has been the musical director for The Black Eyed Peas for more than a decade, and has worked with artists like Macy Grey, Mariah Carey, and Katie Perry among others, so it is no suprirse that he knows how to handle an artist affectionately referred to as “The Diva.”

Also featured on the CD is guitarist Ulco Bed, who is Dulfer’s long-time songwriting partner. On this CD, Bed wrote and plays on “Flame,” and “Too Close,” co-wrote “I Do,” with Moon Baker, and wrote “No End” and “Please Don’t Stop” with Dulfer.

Personally, I prefer the cool jazz of songs like “No End” and “Too Close” to the disco/dance sound of most of the recording, but that does not mean I did not find it enjoyable. Dulfer is sexy and high-energy and the synergy between Board and Dulfer and between Bed and Dulfer is electric.

Altogether, this is a sexy, evocative party record sure to satisfy any jazz or dance music fan.

The CD is only available for pre-order at present but will be released on January 31, 2012. Keep you eyes and ears open for it!

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