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Betty Moon - Natural Disaster

Music Review: Betty Moon – ‘Natural Disaster’ Pumps Out Raw Visceral Rock and Roll

Betty Moon’s latest album is entitled Chrome. The newest single from it is “Natural Disaster,” a harsh-textured, growler of a rock song.

From Toronto, Canada, Moon began her musical career as an independent do-it-yourself-er, recording and marketing thousands of homemade records while still a teenager. Her music caught the attention of A&M / Universal, which signed her to a contract. Moon went on to win a host of CASBY Awards and share the stage with Marilyn Manson, Quiet Riot, Black Label Society, and The Offspring.

Moon’s sound runs the gamut from raunchy rock and roll to electro-pop, making it difficult to put her in a stylistic box. Known for her lyricism, which is rife with linguistic nuances, her music incorporates imaginative rhythms with powerful melodies.

Potent Rhythm and Dirty Guitars

“Natural Disaster” opens with thrumming dirty guitars and a cogent groove built on a raw punk-like melody merging with electronica. The pulsing dynamism of the rhythm, supplied by the slapping bass and potent drums, provides a contagious throbbing component that’s unavoidable. Moon’s voice imbues the music with a thick, viscous sensuality full of dangerous femme fatale sonic hues. There’s a nasty, erotic enzyme flowing through her tones that ignites libidinous flames of energy. The solo, rather than taking off on a raging, wailing guitar, descends and exudes, simmering soft colors from the synth prior to swelling once again.

The lyrics exhibit a boho buff persuasion that cultivates visceral verve and scurrilous conjectures.

“This back and forth is killing me / I’d rather just go back to sleep / But the rain keeps falling on my head / And the clouds keep chasing me down / My steady feet are tripping now / I’m falling faster / My head is spinning from the sound / I’m a natural disaster.”

Raw, Seductive Video

The video is raw and evocative, beginning with the opening images of a volcano, followed by a ripple of bright light that opens a warehouse, where Moon performs with her band. Moon is the focal point, as the energy of the music seems to flow forth from her physical gyrations. The energy she generates oozes with electricity and sparks of actinic light.

“Natural Disaster” exudes rampant hypertrophic brawn. The melody punches listeners in the solar plexus with Jovian impact, as the rhythm sucks you in with vacuuming force. And Moon’s voice slices the air like a propeller blade, heaving with defiant energy. “Natural Disaster” surges with turbulent, flamboyant, and formidable oomph.

Find out more about Betty Moon on her website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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