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Smooth and silky pop-jazz that is sensual to the ear.

Music Review: Band of the Week’s Kate Schutt – No Love Lost

Kate Schutt's newest album, No Love Lost, is a smooth pop jazz compilation that is soft and sensual. Schutt took a new direction with the release, leaving her traditional singer-songwriter with guitar format for a full band accompaniment. The result is velvety arrangements supporting her rich and full vocals.

"How Much in Love," the lead off track, sets the tone for what is to come with soft percussion, gentle horns, and Schutt's vocals – opulent and emotive. The entire album consists of songs of the heart, conveyed with every bit of hers. She holds nothing back and the pure emotion caused a chill to crawl across my flesh.

Her interpretation of "Glamorous Life," made famous by Shelia E and written by Prince, is an example of the sultry feel of the album. Yes, the song has always had naughty overtones, but Schutt's arrangement is barely recognizable yet even steamier for the attitude she delivers it with. "Peter Please" has that same playful enticing tone. It's beautifully backed with a moving horn and higher background vocal. It's paced differently but the overtones are similar.

In contrast "Mary" is a respectful, yet regretful, dedication to someone special. The horns are more prominent in this and the sentiment is dissimilar in theme but not in tone. It doesn't seem one bit out of place on the album, which even though is sensual in sound, doesn't limit what emotion it's showcasing or sharing.

No Love Lost is being released on May 8, 2007 in Canada on Kate Schutt's own Wild Whip Records. When asked in a recent interview about a U.S. release, Schutt said, " I'm in the process of shopping it to a bunch of labels, and I'm giving that about eight weeks time. If nobody has taken the bait by then, I'll probably roll it right into an independent release. So we're probably looking at early June or — if nothing happens — early September. But everything is sort of in the air right now."

The album will be a welcome addition to the collection of anyone who likes the softer smoother side of jazz or pop, or to those who like romantic pop that is laced with brass orchestration. You can hear MP3s at her Myspace profile page and news and information can be found at her official website.

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