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Athena writes lyrics that are both radio-friendly and quite deep, a combination that seems to come by rarely nowadays.

Music Review: Athena – ‘Ready for the Sun (Pt. I)’ EP

Born in the United Kingdom and raised in Greece, Athena relocated to Los Angeles where she has been working on a new album. The first set of five songs meant to be a part of the final 13 is being released later this month as part of an EP titled Ready for the Sun (Pt. I).

A piano or a keyboard is central to each of the five tracks on the EP, as are Athena’s delicate and practiced vocals. There is quite a number of different styles packed into such a short collection. Starting at one end of the spectrum is the stripped, piano-and-vocals-only ballad “All of You”, the dreamlike quality of which brushes at times on clouds of mere whispers. The alternative rock of “Everything to Me” adds a few layers of instrumentation as well as a bit more punch to its (main) melody. Athena’s vocals come through particularly delicately in this languid and gentle number.

Athena 'Ready for the Sun (Pt. I)'“Stronger” is a more dynamic track that reflects on the nature of the kind of romantic relationship that makes you feel more whole. The classic pop rock “Autopilot” brings it up another notch, as one would expect from a call-to-action track like this one. Athena reminds listeners that if we are to lead fulfilling lives, we have to switch off a life led on autopilot and take the necessary steps to make it happen.

At the other end of the spectrum is the pop rock of “You Bring Me Luck”, a cheerful and peppy number, the kind of tune that puts a bounce in one’s step despite the rather important question on the nature of luck that it explores: Does it just come or does one attract it?

While the music on this EP isn’t genre-breaking or particularly unique, it is well worth a try not only by fans of those who love female pop rock singers but also by anyone looking for an inspiring music listening experience. For Athena does have a knack for writing lyrics that are both radio-friendly and quite deep, a combination that seems to come by rarely in an era of quick turnaround and dreams of fame and fortune.

More information about Athena is available on her official website and Facebook page. Tracks are available for streaming on SoundCloud.

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