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No Regrets shows Albert Cummings to be a smooth, confident performer who can handle country, blues, and rock equally well.

Music Review: Albert Cummings – No Regrets

Albert Cummings is a seasoned performer, having released five previous albums before No Regrets. He delivers Southern blues and country-flavored tunes with skill, confidence, great guitar licks, and strong vocals.

All of the songs on this CD are originals by Cummings, except for the cover of “Mannish Boy.” They are all pleasant songs which reflect a familiarity with both rock and roots music. 

“Glass House” is a straight blues rock number, while “Eye to Eye” is a slower blues with a sort of Allman Brothers vibe. “Checkered Flag” celebrates the need for speed that is such a popular theme in Southern music, and proves that Cummings can do country as well as blues. He stays in the country mood for the next song, a slow, sympathetic ballad called “She’s So Tired,” before returning to a more blues rock groove for “Your Day Will Come.”

“Cry Me a River” is probably my favorite track and is a very solid electric blues. “Where You Belong” is a sincere and touching country blues ballad and another favorite. “Drink, Party and Dance” covers the rest of the obligatory topics for blues rock with a nice little fast paced shuffle tune, while “Home Town” provides the expected nostalgia and salute to the place one is from.

All of the songs on the CD are competently done, whether blues rockers or country ballads and all have stellar guitar work and strong lyrics. As for “Mannish Boy,” Cummings delivers a pretty decent version here, not as fiery or dynamic as some I have heard, but not bad.

Production is basic here. That is a good thing as it allows the voice and guitar work, with a solid drum underlying it all, to shine as any blues and roots-influenced music should.

Cummings is smooth, enjoyable, and will appeal to fans of artists like Derek Trucks, Joe Bonamassa, and The Allman Brothersgood company for any musician to be in, certainly. You won’t regret adding No Regrets to your collection.

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