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Music Review: Agency – ‘Philosophies’ Exudes Polished Hip-Hop Tones

Agency just dropped Philosophies, a new album containing 13 tracks, some of which are new and some are club remixes.

Mysterious is the proper word to describe Agency, about which next to nothing is known. It might be a single artist or a band. In any event, Agency is making an impact on the music scene, hitting number one on Traxsource and winning two Indaba Music contests. Agency’s sound encompasses indie, rock, acoustic, electronic, house, and alternative hip-hop, along with funk, soul, pop, and jazz flavors.

Key tracks on the album include “Tension,” a tribal house tune oozing cool harmonic colors and a catchy dance beat. The cool vocals exude silky smooth tones and radiant harmonies. “Damn 2” features a Latin-flavored reggae groove, as well as shifting, floating vocal harmonies. Muted horns imbue the tune with sharp, tinny hues.

“Joyride (Still a Thrill)” rides a funky, jamming rhythm full of dark, hushed vocals and droning synths. This song reminds me of War and their funky, creative music. “Warn Me Next Time” offers a smooth R&B feel with a touch of hip-hop. The chorus takes on a dub/trap beat, thus shaking it up with a variety of rhythms.

“Millions” flows with a contagious pop/dance essence and velvety vocal harmonies, especially on the chorus, with its creamy indulgent tones. “Spooky” is a hip-hop cover of the Atlanta Rhythm Section’s famous tune, featuring quavering keyboards and trilling synths.

“I Can’t Think of Anything but You” delivers suave R&B colors fused with flute accents and glossy harmonies. There’s a charming ambience to the tune that’s less than sensual but more than intellectual, like the realization of allurement.

Philosophies is a strong album, full of infectious grooves and captivating vocal harmonies. The blending of stylistic elements adds casual elegance to the harmonic chemistry without becoming engulfing. Philosophies is worth your attention and time, especially if you’re into buffed and polished electronic hip-hop.

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